Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo Friday: Shasta and Sunny

Thank you for all the lovely links. You saved me a ton of work! After looking at all of them, I have chosen the ones that I think best represent Shasta. Hope you like them!

I saw a couple of dazzling "silver dapple" pictures, but upon further reflection, their body coats were too black to qualify as "chocolate" in my descriptions of Shasta in both books 1 and in book 3. But it was hard not to use them because they were so striking. 

At the very bottom is a quick picture of Sunny, the cream-colored twin. He glistens a pale gold in the sun.

Sunny (young)

Shasta (grown up)
Sunny (grown up)
Thanks again for your help!


  1. Those are awesome!!! I really like the first one.

  2. So glad these ones worked out. Both are beautiful. :)

  3. Beautiful horses! Nice job girls! I'm afraid I wasn't much help on this one:)
    I especially like the top one!:D

  4. Beautiful pictures!! Nicely done girls!

  5. Amazing pictures! I really like the second one!

  6. beautiful horse!

  7. They are all really pretty but I like the second and the third best.


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