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Resurrection Day Retelling . . . by Jesseca

Thanks, Jesseca, for sending this just in time for Resurrection Day! A retelling of Christ's resurrection, taken from John 20 and Luke 24. Enjoy! And . . . happy Resurrection Day!
Me: He is risen!
You: He is risen indeed!

“He is risen, he is risen!” Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary, James’s mother hurried into the room where ten of the disciples were gathered.
Mary Magdalane closed the door softly behind them.
At the words of the women, the disciples cast disbelieving, confused glances at one another, an unspoken question showing in all their eyes. Have they gone mad?
“It’s true! We went this morning to adorn the body with spices. When we got there, the stone was rolled away and two angels said to us, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen. remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee, Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.”
Without another word, Peter opened the door and hurried out in the direction of the tomb. John followed, quickly hurry past Peter in his haste. Mary Magdalene looked around. The other disciples all sat, still looking as though they didn’t believe a word of it. Quietly closing the door behind her, she hurried out after Peter and John. How could they doubt? she wondered. Jesus was--is the son of God. Surely they would not doubt that.
As she neared the tomb, she heard Peter say bitterly, “They couldn’t even let his body rest in peace!”
Both he and John excited the tomb without a glance at her. Mary lowered herself to the ground as the tears began to stream down her face. Is it true? Did they go so far as to take his body? Wasn’t killing him enough?
At that moment, a voice asked her”Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you seeking?”
She looked up, startled through her tears, It must be the gardener, she thought. Perhaps he will know where the body is.
“Sir, if you have taken him, please, tell me where you have laid him!” she pleaded.
It was all he said, but it was enough. She knew that voice. It was the same one who had calmed the sea, the same one who had spoken to the multitudes, and the same one who had calmed the storm in her.
She turned to him, her eyes full of wonder. “Master!” She reached out a hand to touch him, but he stopped her. “Don't touch me, Mary. For I’ve not yet ascended to my Father. But go to the others. Tell them I am going to ascend to My Father, who is also your Father, My God and your God.”
Mary nodded, her eyes still filled with the awe of seeing her Lord. She turned and hurried back toward the room where the others were staying. Surely now they cannot doubt! I have seen him! she thought to herself. Inside, her heart sang. She had seen her risen Lord. 


The road to Emmaus was lonely and deserted. . .except for two men who were slowly making their way toward the city. One look at their faces and you would immediately know something was wrong. The talked quietly together, discussing what seemed to be the death of a beloved rabbi.  They stopped to drink at a well, and as they did, a third man walked up beside them. “What are you speaking about?” He asked. “I noticed your faces were downcast as you walked.”
Cleopas turned to him in surprise, "Are you a stranger in Jerusalem? DO you not know what has come to pass the last few days?”
The stranger turned to him, “What things?”
This time it was not Cleopas, but the other man who answered. “We are talking of Jesus of Nazareth. He was a mighty prophet both in what he did and how he spoke, both before God and the people. Our chief priests and ruler had him delivered to be crucified. We both, along with many others thought he was the promised messiah. Today is the third day since it has happened.”
“Yes,” Cleopas added. “This morning we were given some interesting news. Some women went to the tomb and found it empty. They also said there were angels there who told the Jesus had risen from the dead. Some in our number went down to the tomb and found it to be empty, But they didn’t see Jesus.”
When they had finished, the stranger spoke. “How foolish you have been! Do you not see that everything that has happened is a fulfillment of the prophecies? Shouldn’t Jesus have suffered these things to enter into his glory?”
By this time the men had quenched their thirst and they resumed their walk toward Emmaus. The stranger stayed with them, and, as they walked, starting with Moses and the prophets, he explained to them how everything concerning Jesus was a direct fulfillment of prophecy.
As they drew near to Emmaus, Cleopas turnned toward him. “Please, stay with us tonight”.
The stranger agreed and followed them into the inn. They sat down to eat and as he blessed the bread their eyes were opened and they saw the stranger for who he was. The scars from the nails in his hands were clearly visible. Jesus had been with them! Then to their astonished eyes, he disappeared and they were alone.
“Did not our hearts burn within us as he spoke and expounded the scriptures to us?”
Cleopas nodded. “He is the Messiah and HE IS RISEN!



  1. Great job, Jesseca! Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone! Jesus is alive!

  2. He is risen indeed! Great job Jesseca!

  3. Amazing jesseca! I've always liked the road to Emmaus story! We had a SonRise service this morning, it was great!:)

  4. I got goosebumps reading that! So good! :)

  5. Great retelling Jesseca!


  6. He is risen indeed! Wonderful story, Jesseca! Thank you for writing it! Happy Easter everyone!

  7. Wonderful retelling, Jesseca! At church today, our pastor read that exact passage today! :)

    Happy Easter everyone! Praise God, for Christ has risen!!

  8. This is very creative and good!

  9. Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Day. Thanks Jesseca for that wonderful retelling of the story of Jesus's resurrection.

  10. Thank's everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!


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