Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mrs. M's Blog

As if Mrs. M didn't have enough on her plate . . . She spent the afternoon the other day combining all of her blogs (all 2 of them) under one user name. This means it is much, much easier to post on a blog that she hadn't really touched for over 2 years. But now it is back on line and easy to post things in Mrs. M's life -- not Andi's life. So, if you want to read trivia and see pictures and look behind the scenes at what Mrs. M is up to when she's not writing more Andi stories, feel free to follow "Suzy's Scribbles Blog." (hint: read the latest post about the blood moon. She got up to see it and there are pictures.)

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  1. Cool, I'll go check it out! Thanks for letting us know!


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