Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kansas City Andi Fans

Hang on to your hats! This post is a photo collection of the many, many "Andi" fans who came to visit Friday and Saturday. THREE contest winners met me: Grace, Kaitlyn, and Adahmariyah. A couple came from many, many miles away . . . to meet me. I'm honored and humbled by all the enthusiastic fans that came by to meet me and buy the latest books. It was also fun to put faces to some of the names from you blog readers. Especially those whose names on the blog are "anonymous." :-)

A couple of the unusual highlights of the convention were the deaf mom with whom I had some success in communicating with. That was a fun challenge. The other was the mother of a blind girl.
She bought the books for her seeing children to read then asked if I could send her the PDF files for the Circle C Adventures (just your normal PDF files). Her blind daughter's iPad has an attachment that allows her to READ the stories!!! The Blue Tooth somehow converts the text from the PDF file to Braille so she can read it by touch on a special iPad attachment. Isn't technology wonderful? I emailed her the PDF files.

Enjoy the pictures!
One of the contest winners! Notice the Andi doll she made!
Aspiring reader and future writer.
He couldn't wait to get his hands on these books!
Happy readers!

I love how I can bless readers of all ages!

A teen contest reader. She's a published author!

Andi fans from three years ago made a return trip for more books!

I love meeting new readers!

Does she look excited or what?

A wide smile for books she loves!

She would do well in an Andi look-a-like contest.

Hanging tight to their new books!

Check out the overalls . . . :-)

I gave away a number of posters to longtime Andi fans . . .

Does she look excited or what?

Another special teen contest winner; another published author!

Ready for the new Milestones series!



  1. Oh, these are wonderful! I LOVE THEM! How much fun you must've had. What a great time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome! The girl to Mrs.M's left in the first picture looks familiar.... But I don't think I know anyone from the Kansas City area!;)

  3. YAY!! It was soo cool to meet you Mrs. M!! I actually know some of the girls in these pictures, but didn't get a chance to talk to them at the conference :( Lots of readers and fans!! :D


  4. Oooh... How wonderful!!! We did miss you at the Christian Heritage conference in WA this year, though.:( (It was the same weekend).

  5. i have a question what is URL

    1. The "URL" is the web address at the very top of the screen when you are on the internet.
      For example, the URL for Andi's blog is:

      hope that helps!

  6. btw i love your books


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