Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fans' POV stories #10 . . . Bethany R.

This clearly was (and is) a fun assignment for everyone. And I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm having a lot of fun reading the different characters' points of view! This one is when Macy first shows up at school in Thick as Thieves. And it's from her POV. By Bethany R.

From Thick as Thieves: pp. 40-42

            “Ty, don't make me go!” I hissed furiously. I would not waste my time in no school learning stuff that I don't need to know.
            “Macy, you're going whether you like it or not. I can't keep watchin' you all day long. I got better stuff to do. Now get on in there,” my older brother commanded.
            “Not a chance, and you can't make me.” I planted my feet.
            “Oh yeah?” With that, Ty roughly grabbed my arm and pulled me into the classroom where a bunch of fancy, rich pupils stared. Some hung their mouths open and others wrinkled their noses.
            “I ain't goin' to school! I ain't!” I protested loudly.
            Glaring around the room my gaze paused on a girl standing at the board. 
What a stuck-up kid. She probably lives on one of them big cattle ranches around here where we been rustling cattle and horses from, I thought as Ty shoved me farther in.
            “You're goin'” Ty slapped my cheek.
            After explainin' my situation to the teacher, Ty left. “I'll git you for this,” I muttered under my breath.
            I studied the kids at the blackboard. While the rest of the class had gone back to work, they still stared. “What? Ain't you ever seen a girl in overalls?” I sneered. Boy, as much as the school part won't be fun. I'm gonna enjoy teasing these kids.
After the teacher wrote down information about me he assigned me to a seat. And what do you know? I got assigned with that fancy girl from the board.
            She begrudgingly showed me to my seat and sat beside me. Just then I heard a girl a few seats away loudly whisper, “She needs a bath.” Yeah, it's true. But I won't have no one talkin' 'bout me like that. I leapt up.
            Stomping over to her I yanked on her hair. I was sure to let some of my own hair tickle her face. But when the teacher sat me down at my seat and threatened me with a thrashin'. I know that I would have to watch for ways to avoid the teacher but still have some fun.



  1. That's great! Good job Bethany!! :D

  2. Thanks you guys! Susan, how many more POV stories do you have to publish and are more coming in?

  3. Great job, Bethany!
    I agree that these have all be really fun to read. Are there more?

    1. Do you mean from me or just in general?

  4. Good job, Bethany!!!

  5. Great job, Bethany!! These are always so fun to read!

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  7. Love, love, LOVE the new blog look Mrs. M!!!

  8. Okay, I'm trying to see if MY picture shows up on this comment thing. It did on my practice blog!

  9. loved it Bethany! I really liked that it was Macy's POV!
    Lexah Nelson


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