Monday, March 9, 2015

Heartbreak Trail map

Here is a little sneak peek for the map of the cattle drive route from Fresno to L.A. I decided to try to create the map using PhotoShop, and wonder of wonders it worked out! I even figured out how to create a dotted line to show the route.

Here's something you might like to do. Choose a setting along the route and write a short "scene" of what you think might happen along the trail drive. You can either write it in a comment or write it up as a mini fan story and I'll post it. Have fun! (see below the map for pictures of the route)

Below are some pictures of places on the map . . . so you can visualize the trip:
The Chuck Wagon
Getting ready for the cattle drive . . . a few miles from the ranch house.
Crossing the King's River . . . easy!
Going around--not through--the oak forests near Visalia
Heading south through the flat part of the Valley; the Sierra Nevada range in the east 
Crossing the Kern River . . . not so easy!
Fort Tejon, entering the Tehachapi Mts.
The Tehachapi Mts. are covered with poppies in the spring.
The Tehachapi Mts. get higher, but there's a lake at the top.
Cahunga Pass just north of Los Angeles (It's Hollywood now!)
A view of part of Los Angeles--1800s
The stockyards of Los Angeles--end of the trail



  1. Haha, that map came out perfect! ;) Missie was getting worried, trying to figure out how to make it just right. I'm glad you found an easier solution, I think she's happier as well. ;)
    Love the pictures and the map! Let your inner artist out! ;)

    1. I love PhotoShop! And Missie and my troubles forced me to think of an alternative to avoid "scanning" altogether. I think even in the best illustrations, we lose some of the "crystal-clear" clarity when it has to be scanned. PhotoShop was a God-given solution for us all, and even my editor thinks the map is "cool." :-)

  2. Cool map! Good job, Andi! I'm so eager for the book! Hope that all goes smoothly!


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