Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fans' Point of View stories #4 . . . by Lydia

This seems to be a popular "assignment" and the offerings are great. I am sure enjoying reading everyone's point of view stories. This one is from Lydia, and I'll let her explain the scene she chose in her own words:

I’m Lydia. I love to write in first person - I wrote my first three novellas in that style of writing. So when you posted about different points-of-view I thought it would be fun to write a scene from one of your books. This scene is from Thick As Thieves, the start of Chapter 18, from Macy’s point of view. I thought it would be fun because Macy is one of my favorite characters in your books, Mrs. M - aside from Andi of course. :)

Note to Lydia and everyone else: Originally I wrote one chapter (Chapter 17) from Macy's point of view, but it made the overall story feel disconnected so I worked very hard to give readers the information but keep it in Andi's POV. Just thought that was an interesting little point of trivia.

Andi whistled and two foals galloped up to the fence. She petted them and played with them as they nuzzled her hands.

I walked up to where she was standing.

“Come on, Macy.” Andi told me. “Let’s go in and play with them.”

“We can do that?” I asked her.

“Why not? They’re mine.” Andi answered me, climbing the fence and landing on the ground. All of the horses who were in the distance came up, whinnying and trying to get other horses out of the way to get to Andi.

“Most of them are headed to the yearling sale next month. The more we handle them, the happier the buyers will be. They won’t hurt you.”

I stood at the gate, staring at two young foals mostly, but I admired the rest of the horses, too. One was chocolate-colored, and the other was a creamish color. They were both beautiful, but my favorite was definitely the creamy one.

“These are the prettiest horses I ever saw. How do you choose the ones you like best?” I asked, in a voice just above a whisper.

Andi grinned and shrugged. “I can’t choose. I love them all!”

Somehow Sunny had crept up behind me without my knowledge. She nuged me, sending me to the ground in surprise. “Hey!” I yelped.

“Sunny!” Andi scolded. “For shame! Where are your manners?”

I jumped to my feet. “Don’t scold him. He didn’t hurt me none.” I reached out my hand to let Sunny sniff it. “I think he likes me.” delighted, I walked closer to him and rubbed his nose. How could such a pretty thing as this like me?

“He likes to be scratched just under his forelock.” Andi said to me. “He’ll stand there for as long as you want to bother with him.”

I smiled. “I could stay here forever,” I mumbled under my breath so Andi couldn’t hear, rubbing and scratching Sunny.

“I told you,” Andi remarked, reaching out to rub Sunny’s muzzle. “He’s spoiled rotten. He and Shasta are weanlings but they think they’re yearlings.”

“Let’s make ‘em run!” I suggested, grinning happily. Sunny was just the perfect horse. I sighed. What I would give to have one of my own.



  1. Oh, I like it! :D
    Great job Lydia!! :)

  2. Funny that you chose to write it from Macy's POV, I was planning on doing one from her POV too! (still will maybe) Good job!

  3. Ooo, I like it!! Great job, Lydia!

  4. Thanks everyone! and thanks for posting it, Mrs. M!

    ~Lydia~ <3

  5. Good job Lydia! i like your story! keep up the good work!! :D


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