Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another "Good Reads" Giveaway: Tales

Here is another opportunity to win a book, this time the new Tales from the Circle C Ranch.
This giveaway is on Good Reads. Have fun!



  1. Awesome. I just went and entered my name!

  2. I entered. I also rated a lot of your books, Mrs. Marlow! There's only good to say! I'm Indi Raine on GoodReads, so you could look me up if you want to! :D
    I'm excited, as my sister is getting me Thick as Thieves for a birthday present (my birthday is past, but the present still needs to be ordered!). I'm excited to get it, and plan to keep it with the rest of my Andi books on a special shelf in my room-the holder of my Andi books, several other horse books, a cowboy hat, a tiny stuffed owl, and a herd of my favourite type of model horses!).
    Thanks for the great reads! In writing the reviews, I enjoyed re-living those exciting moments with the first read throughs!

    1. How cool! Thanks, Indie!
      If you send me a picture of your special shelf with your books and cowboy stuff, I’d post it on the blog. :-)
      Mrs. M

    2. Can I send you a picture of my shelf of your books?

      Is there anyway that you can do a giveaway where we enter a comment if we want to enter and you can mix them up then draw a winner? I don't have fb. :-(

    3. Yes, Bethany! you have my email, right?

      And when I finally get to running a giveaway (I will when I catch my breath this spring), I always run it over here on Andi's blog and yes, you enter a comment to win. I announce it on FB but they have to come to the blog to enter. It's against FB rules to run a contest on FB. But I can talk about it there. :-)

    4. Yes, I have it. So can you enter me into the contest please? Thanks and I will send you that pic for a post! Have a good day!

  3. I can't enter you in this GOOD READS contest, since that is something put on by my publisher. It's not a contest I am running. I am only telling people about it.

    Sorry! I don't even have a Good Reads account myself. It's not a Facebook thing either.

    But when I run a contest, you will know about it and it will be easy to enter. :-)


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