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Andrea Carter's Crazy Adventure . . . by Andrea

Mrs. M tried to figure out a good place to break this story into two parts, but she couldn't. So she apologizes for the length (and for the fact that this week has been so crazy-busy that she was not able to do a very good "edit" on it). I'm sure you will enjoy Andi's crazy adventure. I believe this is Andrea's first fan story!

Andrea Carter's Crazy Adventure
by Andrea
“Andrea!” A voice yelled.
Andi sighed, “Yes Chad?”
“How come you aren't in the barn? You forgot to feed Taffy and all the other horses, it was your chore from yesterday.” Chad scowled at Andi as she came down the stairs.
Andi gasped and said, “I'm so sorry Chad, let me do it right now.”
Chad said, “Alright, but hurry, you need to also fill all the horses troughs with water.”
This time it was Andi who scowled at Chad, “Chad Carter, you want me to spend my Saturday filling horse troughs and fill their food pails with grain?”
Chad said, “Yep, it doesn't take all day you know. Sid can get that chore done in one hour.”
“You mean Sid McCoy your foreman?” Andi asked.
“Yep.” Chad said.
“Alright Chad, you win. Let me eat something and I'll go feed and give the horses their water. Then can I go riding or do a race with Cory or something like that?” Andi asked.
“Yes sis, but after you do your chores, not before.” Chad said with a small smile on his face.
“Oh alright, just let me eat breakfast.” Andi said scowling again at Chad.
“Hi ya Andi.” A cheerful voice called out. It was Mitch.
“Hi Mitch!” Andi called out to him just as cheerfully.

Andi went into the kitchen where Luisa was baking hot cakes. “Good morning Miss Andrea.” Luisa said, “Would you like some hot cakes?”
Andi said, “Hi Luisa, yes please, I'm famished.”
Luisa gave a little laugh, “I'm not exactly sure you’re famished but yes you probably are hungry, you barely touched your food last night and fried chicken and corn is your favorite meal, whats wrong Miss Andrea?”
Andi shrugged, “I don't know Luisa.”
Luisa handed Andi a plate of hot steaming bacon, hotcakes and a biscuit that was stuffed with butter.
“Thanks Luisa.” Andi said leaving the kitchen with a small smile.
“Good morning Andrea.” Elizabeth said with a big smile, “I've been waiting to tell you some awesome news!”
Andi said, “Okay, what's the news Mother?”
“Aunt Rebecca is coming here, to Fresno tomorrow!” Elizabeth said.
Andi's smiled faded, “Aunt Rebecca is coming?”
“Yes honey, whats wrong with Rebecca coming?” Elizabeth asked.
“She's to strict and prissy and bossy and all she tries to do when she's here is try to make me a proper young lady.” Andi said with a deep sigh.
“Andrea Rose Carter, you do not say anything like that about your Aunt Rebecca!” Elizabeth said with a frown.
Andi quickly ate her food, said, “Bye mother,” and then she was out the door.
Outside on the front porch Andi gave a deep sigh. “Howdy Miss Andrea.” A voice called out.
“Hi Sid.” Andi called back in return.
“What do you have planned today? Goin' to have some races with them ole friends of yours?” Sid asked.
Andi said, “Yes, after I feed and give the horses their water.”
“Alright, but did you know that were going after a stallion today? A big ole black horse, he's a mean one too, acts like he owns the ranch, Chad's mad at that stallion since he's been rounding up our horses.” Sid said.
“To bad I can't come with y'all.” Andi said with a sigh.
“I'm sorry Miss Andrea but it's for your safety.” Sid said winking at her.
Andi said, “You don't have to remind me Sid.” To Andi it seemed that whenever there was a wild stallion around she was in risk of losing her life.
Sid gave her a small look of amusement then said, “Well I better saddle up and get the others ready.”
Andi said, “You mean the ranch hands are going with you, Chad and Mitch? All of them?”
“Yup, every single ranch hands.” Sid said giving her a grin.
“All the house servants are staying here at the ranch right?” Andi asked not wanting Rosa, her friend to accompany the men without her presence.
“No, they ain't coming.” Sid said.
Andi said, “See ya later Sid, gotta feed them horses and give them their water.” Andi left quickly entering the barn.
“Hi Taffy.” Andi said as she entered Taffy's stall. Andi pulled some lumps of sugar out of her pocket and Taffy eagerly gobbled then down.
“Step away from that horse and step towards me.” Said the voice of a young lady suddenly making Andi jump.
Andi looked at the lady and said, “You’re Summer Silverhead aren't you?” Andi took a another good look at the lady, “Wanted for stage robbery, kidnapping and murder? You have some siblings named Jake, Josephine, Jenna and Jacob don't you?”
Summer said, “You’re very smart.” Then she yelled, “NOW GET IT!”
“Get what?” Andi asked confused.
“You know very well what we want.” Summer said through gritted teeth, “Now hand it over.”
“Chad! Help!” Andi yelled at the top of her lungs.
Summer pulled a pistol out of her holster and pointed it at Andi, “One more word girly and your life is done.”
Chad, who had heard the yell, grabbed his gun and ran out the door to the stable. “Andi!”
Summer spun around and aimed her pistol where Chad was standing in the doorway of the stable. “Stay right there or your sister will be coming with me back to our hideaway in Washington DC.”
Chad said, “Fine.”
Summer turned her attention back to Andi who was shaking with fear as she sat on knees and looking up at Summer from time to time.
When Summer had her back turned Chad ran. Andi screamed, “Chad, hurry, run away.”
Summer whirled around and yelled, “Hey! Stop right there.”
Chad ran into town and burst into the sheriff's office. “Sheriff Tate! Help! Someone is trying to shoot Andi.”
Sheriff Tate grabbed his gun and followed Chad to where Andi was shaking with fear. “It's alright Andi, stay right there.” Sheriff Tate commanded.
Andi nodded and then all of a sudden the fire of a pistol echoed through the stable. Summer had tried to shoot the sheriff.
Sheriff Tate said, “Chad, go into town and get some of the fellas to come and help us. Oh and get my deputy, Tom.”
“Alright Sheriff.” Chad said.
Once in town Chad yelled, “Someone is trying to shoot Andi, all men wanting to help stop Summer Silverhead come on.”
In seconds twenty men were crowded around Chad armed with pistols, rifles, all sorts of things one man even had a bucket of lemon drops to throw at Summer.
But when they arrived back at the stable, Summer and Andi were gone. Sheriff Tate was lying on the floor, he'd been shot by Summer but not severely, he would live.
Chad raced into the house and yelled, “Andi's been kidnapped. We gotta find her.”
Mitch yelled, “What? No way?”
Chad said, “Mitch, you round up a search party and I'll tell mother what happened, we gotta find Andi.”
Mitch said, “Alright bro” and raced out the door.
Chad found his mother talking to Mrs. Alana Hodgsons a nearby neighbor. “Mother, I need to talk you.”
Elizabeth stopped talking to Mrs. Hodgsons and said, “Yes Chad?” then she turned to Mrs. Hodgsons and said, “Just a minute Alana.”
Chad led his mother out of the parlor and into the foyer then told her, “Andi's been kidnapped Mother.”
Elizabeth said, “Andrea? Kidnapped? No, no no. Chad, you must find her.”
Chad said, “Alright Mother.”
Elizabeth said, “I must escort Alana to the door. I will be back soon.”
Chad said, “I gotta go NOW!”
Chad raced out the door and saddled his horse Sky. Mitch was ready with a group of five men with weapons and horses.
Chad yelled, “Come on.” And everybody followed him as he galloped away on his horse.
Tom, the sheriff's deputy rode his horse alongside Chad's and said, “Chad, which direction did Summer go?”
That question made Chad bring his horse to a halt. “Um...I'm not sure Tom.”
Tom said, “If we don't know which way they went they were on a fool's errand.”
Chad couldn't do anything but agree with Tom. “ about you take this path with six men and I'll go down the other path with the other men?” Chad asked.
Meanwhile Andi and Summer where trudging along the path leading into the forest and out of town. Just then they heard the loud crashing of hoof beats in the distance.
“Chad!” Andi cried out when she saw Chad crashing through the forest on Sky his horse.
Summer hissed, “Quiet girl.” And slipped away into the bushes dragging Andi with her.
Soon it was dark out and Andi and Summer were sleep in the cold forest with only a small thin blanket covering each of them.
When they woke up the next morning Summer said, “I've gotta escape but I'm taking you with me. Do you have a horse?”
Andi gulped and said, “Y-yes ma'am.”
“Don't call me ma'am, it makes me feel old, call me Summer.” Summer snapped.
“Y-yes S-Summer.” Andi stuttered.
Summer said, “Come on girly.
Andi said, “Alright.” and she followed Summer into a large pasture where horses were grazing, Taffy included, Summer had led them right back to the big field where Chad brought the horses to graze once a day.
“Find your horse and mind you be quick about, I have a gun just to let you know.” Summer said.
Andi said, “Yes ma'am...I mean Summer.”
Andi walked up to a gray horse that wasn't Taffy, it was a wild stallion that Chad had recently brought to the ranch so he might tame it and be able to ride it. “Summer, here's my horse.”
Summer walked up to the horse and all of a sudden the horse raced at her and tried to trampled Summer but she quickly got out of the way.
Andi began to run but Summer quickly got to her feet and said, “Don't you dare.” and pulled out her gun.
Andi got on her hands and knees and began swiftly crawling through the tall grass. Andi whispered a silent prayer, “God, please help me to get home safely.”
Summer yelled, “I know your here somewhere girl, c'mon towards me, I won't shoot if you listen to me.”
Andi crawled toward Taffy and when Summer had her back turned for a second to load her gun she expertly mounted Taffy and the two of them began to gallop away. Summer yelled, “I know your here girl, get over here NOW or I'll shoot, I mean it.” Just then a hawk flew above them.
Andi galloped away from the pasture and soon she was about a mile away from Summer and the pasture.
Andi soon realized she didn't know how to get home, she had her horse, but her brothers had to bring the horses about twenty miles a day to feed and she didn't know how to get home. She panicked.
Summer suddenly came bursting out of the pasture and was heading straight for her on a lovely yellow palomino that belonged to Rosa named Goldie. “Stop girl.” she cried when Andi began to gallop away at full speed.
Andi began to race back into the pasture when a voice that wasn't Summer's said, “Hold it right there you two.”
“Chad!” Andi cried.
“Summer Silverhead your off to jail.” Chad said glaring at Summer.
Sheriff Tate appeared with his deputy Tom and they swiftly handcuffed her and began to take her back to town. “I'll take of Summer and put her in jail, alright Andi?” he said to Andi who was blinking as if she didn't know what was happening.
Andi said, “Yes Sheriff Tate.”
Sheriff Tate and Tom marched Summer into town and into a jail cell the quickly locked the cell door. Summer yelled, “Let me out of here.”
Sheriff Tate grinned at Tom then looked at Summer and said, “After you learn not to mess with our town folks.”
Chad said, “Andi, thank God you’re all right. What happened?”
Andi told him about the adventure and he whistled, “Thank the good Lord that you’re alright sis.”
Finally they got home and Andi was glad that another one of her crazy adventures were over.
The End



  1. That was a really fun story! Great job, Andrea! :D

  2. Great job Andrea! :)

  3. Exciting story! You kept me guessing! ;) nice job!

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    Good story


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