Friday, February 6, 2015

Teachers Past and Present: Part 3

Miss Edith Whitaker
Thankfully, this is the last post about the teachers I have had in my short life. Miss Hall for ages 6 through about 11; Mr. Foster until I was 16, and Miss Edith Whitaker for two terms when I was 13 and attended a young ladies' school in San Francisco. (Those two terms were the longest of my life!)

The minute I laid eyes on this stiff, formal lady, I knew I was in trouble. I though my Aunt Rebecca was a stickler for etiquette, but Miss Whitaker was ten times worse! And not only during school, either, but even during my "free" time (of which I had very little).

I was always afraid Miss Whitaker would write to my mother if I didn't conduct myself like a proper young lady at all times. She was always worried that some whiff of scandal might invade her precious finishing school, Miss Whitaker's Academy. It almost did during the months I attended the school, when the whole slave-girl issue exploded in her face. I don't think Miss Whitaker ever fully recovered from that episode. All I know is, by the time I left after the spring term I think she was just as eager to see me go as I was to leave!

Temporary Teacher
Oops . . . I just remembered one more teacher. I was nine years old, and this particular teacher took over our classroom for two weeks when Miss Hall was out sick (with a sprained ankle). I think it was the most humiliating two weeks of my life. Melinda didn't care so much, but I sure did.

When Miss Hall was injured, the school board drew straws to pick the "temporary teacher." Guess who "won"? Yep, my big brother Justin. Here is some advice: if you can avoid it at all costs, try not to ever have your big brother as your teacher! All the kids called Melinda and me the "teacher's pets," but it was so not true! Not at all! I think Justin went out of his way NOT to give his sisters any special attention. It was a terrible two weeks.I should write about it some time.

My mother was my teacher for one day too, but one day doesn't really count as being my teacher, I don't think. Besides, I hardly remember what went on during class. It's what happened after school that sticks in my mind like a burr. Hmmm . . . maybe I should write about that too! 



  1. A story about Justin as the substitute would be good! :)

  2. I think, Andi, that you should tell us about those other times when you had Justin or your mother as your teacher. I'm sure it would be interesting. :)

  3. I think both stories would be fun! It's cool to see Andi doing posts like this again. They are always fun!

  4. Nice picture of your temporary teacher!

  5. Yes, yes! Write about it, Andi! And I agree with Lydia! I'm glad that you (Andi) are writing posts like these again!

    1. Oh, dear! The pressure rises. :-)
      So many things to write about. So little time!

  6. I like that your posting about yourself again, its been a while. Mrs. Whitaker doesn't look strict but I bet she is. Is Justin strict?

  7. Wow, I'd love to hear about what happened when Justin taught.
    Will you still consider writing about it?

    -Sadie S.


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