Monday, February 2, 2015

Teachers Past and Present: Part 1

Miss Evelyn Hall
I found pictures of my teachers! First of all, in this post, Ill introduce Miss Hall. In the next post I'll show you a picture of Mr. Foster. In the last post, I'll show you a picture of Miss Whitaker from the fancy girls' school in San Francisco.

Miss Evelyn Hall was Justin, Chad, Mitch's, and Melinda's school mistress before she was ever my teacher. She was much younger back then.

This picture makes her look kind of grumpy, doesn't she? Here is an excerpt from my first day of school. I was really scared of Miss Hall at first.
From Andi's Scary School Days

     Just then Miss Hall rapped a ruler on her desk. “Take your seats, please,” she said.
     Everybody obeyed. Everybody but Melinda and Andi.
     Andi stared at Miss Hall. “She’s old,” she whispered to Melinda.
     Melinda pinched Andi. That meant, Be quiet!
     So Andi stopped talking. But she didn’t stop looking at the teacher . . . or thinking about her.
     Andi knew some old ladies were nice, like Mrs. Clark. Mrs. Clark helped Mother with the washing. She always kept lemon drops in her apron pocket for Andi.
     But some old ladies were mean, like Aunt Rebecca. When grumpy Aunt Rebecca came for a visit, she always scolded Andi.
     Andi didn’t know which kind of old lady Miss Hall was.
     Melinda led Andi to the front of the classroom.
     “This is my little sister,” she told the teacher. “It’s her first day of school, and she doesn’t know where to sit. Her name is Andrea.”
     “My name’s Andi,” Andi said quickly. “Just Mother calls me Andrea.”
     Miss Hall frowned. “You must not talk back, Andrea.”
     Andi gulped. Talk back? She was just telling the teacher her name. What was so wrong about that?
     “You may take your seat,” Miss Hall told Melinda.
     Andi did not want her big sister to sit down. She squeezed Melinda’s hand and held on tight.
     It was no use. Melinda peeled Andi’s fingers away. “I have to obey the teacher,” she whispered in Andi’s ear. “And so do you.”

Later that morning, I just KNEW Miss Hall was mean and scary!

     Andi yawned. How long is school, anyway?  She turned around in her seat. “Melinda, when can we go home?”
     Four rows back, Melinda was reading a book. She sat up straight when Andi spoke. Her cheeks turned red. She put a finger to her lips and frowned. That meant, Be quiet!
     Andi didn’t want to be quiet. She was tired of sitting still. Her eyes were tired of looking at words. She wanted to run and play with Riley and Taffy. She wanted to ride Coco, her pony.
     Andi wanted to go home.
    “Andrea, turn around,” Miss Hall said. Her voice did not sound friendly.
     Andi obeyed.
     Miss Hall looked grumpy. Again. She tapped a ruler on her desk. “Pupils must not talk during class,” the teacher said. “That is a rule.”
     Andi’s heart started to beat fast. She broke one of those rules! That meant a punishment.
     Riley had told Andi all about punishments. He told her that some mean teachers hit their pupils with a ruler. Especially when they did not obey the rules.
     Andi gulped. Will Miss Hall hit me with that ruler?

I ended up so scared of Miss Hall that when she sent me to the corner for having Cory's lizard in my lap the next afternoon, I ran away instead! I found out Miss Hall was strict but really nice. In the end she let me ring the bell. And . . . compared to Mr. Foster (my later teacher) and Miss Whitaker, Miss Hall was a sweet, old lady teacher! 


  1. Cute and fun! Thanks! I'm looking forward to the other teacher posts!

  2. Ooooooh..... It looks like the next string of posts will be really fun and entertaining!!!:-)

  3. Hi! When I read the book "Andi's Scary School Days" that was basically how I pictured Miss Hall. Now I know what she really looks like.

    1. The previous comment was by my little sister.

  4. I wish I could find pictures for my characters. I never seem to have much success. :) Fun post. I look forward to the others. :)

    1. Sometimes I stumble on the "perfect picture" of a character and I file it away for future use, like these teacher pictures.

    2. I have a teacher almost like, I'm homeschooled but I still go to activities and my PE teacher is like that.


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