Monday, February 9, 2015

Prayer Request from Hannah B.

This morning Mrs. M got an email from Hannah B. Please join us in prayer for her friend! (And Hannah, please keep us updated when and if you learn anything, by commenting below.)

There is a old old friend of our family named Johnny. Last night there were ambulances over at his house for a long time we don't know the details yet but I will tell you when we do. Please pray, thanks!

If you would do a post so everyone can pray that would be great.

Hannah B.


  1. I'll be praying for sure.

  2. I'll be praying. I hope he gets better what ever happened

  3. I hope everything is okay. I will be praying!!

  4. Thanks y'all it means a lot. I am still waiting for my grandma to give us a update!

  5. My grandma just called she doesn't know for sure but she thinks he might have died. Like i said we don't know for sure but please keep praying for our family and his!

    1. Wow! That would be hard—I'll keep everyone in my prayers!

  6. Oh my goodness, that is terrible! I'm praying! ;(

    ~Lydia~ <3

  7. That is so sad!! I'll be praying!!

  8. We just found out Johnny died. Please keep my grandma in your prayers she is not a christian and she is not taking this very well! Thanks!

  9. I'll be praying, Hannah.

  10. I'll be praying for your grandma.

  11. I will be praying for your grandmother and the grieving family.

  12. I will pray as well, Hannah. Thank you for letting us know.

  13. I'll be praying as well Hannah B.

  14. Praying for your family and your grandma.

  15. That's so sad! :( I'll be praying for your grandma as well as the rest of you family, and of course you!

  16. Jesus , I ASK YOU to appear, make your presence known, give dreams, visions, a special touch to my muslim friends Jamshed & Diljohn . Speak to them, shine your love & light . Open there eyes . Reveal your truth . Holy Spirit work your power . I believe and claim this prayer . Thank you Jesus .

  17. JESUS .

    The light of the world .
    The GREATEST LOVE in existence .
    Your image, is perfection .

    I pray for my muslim friend Jamshed, he has blood clot medical illnesses, and his taking medication pills for a few months now . I also pray for his muslim mother Diljohn for good health & prosperity .

    Jesus, I believe, you can HEAL there bodies from medical illnesses, RIGHT NOW .

    Jesus your NAME has the power to HEAL, your NAME has the power to SAVE .

    Jesus, you LOVE THEM with a PASSION, you died on the cross for them, so they could have LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY .

    YOUR DESIRE, is to SAVE Jamshed & Diljohn's precious souls from there bondage .

    Jesus REVEAL YOURSELF to them, SHOW THEM, who you are, you are the only way, the truth, the life .

    Holy Spirit TOUCH THEM, RIGHT NOW .

    When they sleep tonight, GIVE THEM dreams, visions, APPEAR to them, make your PRESENCE KNOWN, GIVE THEM miracles, a supernatural touch to Jamshed & Diljohn's hearts physically, internally, mind, body & spirit .

    JESUS REACH OUT to them, OPEN THERE EYES to the LIGHT , make this prayer come ALIVE .

    Jesus SPEAK to them TODAY .

    I believe ALL things are possible through you .

    I believe every word of this prayer .
    I CLAIM IT, in JESUS name .
    My heart praises you, Jesus, my king .

    Thank you Jesus .
    I know your miracles have just began .

    Jesus, Holy Spirit touch my muslim friends Jamshed & Diljohn today .


    Let this prayer be a LIVING TESTIMONY to inspire & to bring many souls to the kingdom of JESUS .

    Amen .


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