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A Case for the Carters and Coulters Part 2 . . . by Jesseca and Rishona

Part 2 (of 3) is here! Enjoy!

 Part 2-

Around five o’clock on Saturday, Justin's buggy rolled around to the front of the hotel. To Ellie's delight, Andi sat on the front seat. The ride out to the ranch was pleasant. Ellie and Andi chatted in the back seat, while Justin kept Jem busy by asking him questions. As they pulled into the yard, Ellie could see two or three people standing on the veranda.
Andi noticed her glance and quickly pointed them out. “Chad is the one leaning against the fence post, Mitch is sitting on the step, Mother is in the rocking chair and Melinda . . . oh, there she is!” she said, as the door opened and Melinda stepped outside.
When Justin stopped the buggy in front of the house, Chad took the reins  that Justin threw to him and tied them to the hitching post.
“Welcome, welcome!” Mrs. Carter exclaimed as she swept gracefully down the steps and extended a hand to Ellie.  Ellie quickly took the offered hand. There was something about the whole Carter family that made you feel so welcome!
When she turned to introduce Jem, she found him staring at Chad. “Chad. . . Chad Carter! I've met you before!” he exclaimed.
“Why. . . Jem Coulter! It’s good to see you again!” Chad exclaimed as he hurried over and heartily shook his hand.
“Same here!” said Jem.
“You've meet?” Andi asked.
Chad nodded. “A long time ago. I’ll tell you the story later.”
They visited in the parlor for a while until Mother announced that dinner was ready.
In the dining room they sat down to a delicious meal. French bread, roast beef, and potatoes, along with a few other sides. Ellie thought it smelled wonderful!
After supper, they once again retired to the parlor. . .all except Andi that is. Ellie noticed her quickly hurry out the door. She turned to Chad, who was sitting next to her. “Where is Andi going?”
Chad grinned. “Andi is off to the barn to say hello to Taffy.”
“Is Taffy her horse?”
“You'd better believe it! She spends every spare minute with her!”
“Can I go out and see her?”
Chad turned to her “Really? you really want to go out to the barn?”
Ellie laughed “If you remember correctly, I did love horses!”
Chad nodded. “It's just that you're so different now. . . so . . .” He fumbled around for the right word.
Ellie Coulter . . . all grown up!
“Grown up?” Ellie suggested.
“Well, yes. But if you want to get out to the barn, I'll go along with you.”
“That sounds wonderful!”  Ellie replied, as they both stood up and left the parlor.
   Out in the barn Andi lost no time in telling Ellie all about Taffy. Ellie sat and listened attentively, commenting every so often. Chad and Andi both interrupted each other when Andi told about getting Taffy for her birthday, as they each had their own side of the story.  A little while later, the three went inside to the parlor where everyone else was still gathered, talking.
“Mother,” said Chad, “Don't you think it would be so much fun to have Jem and Ellie over tomorrow night?” Chad asked, after Justin had left taking the Coulters back into town.
“What a wonderful idea, Chad. I wouldn't mind having them over every night!” replied Mother.                                        


The next few days went by swiftly.  Andi couldn't remember having so much fun! Ellie was just like Melinda used to be. She enjoyed fishing, riding, helping train the horses and she really seemed interested in what Andi had to say.
Also, Andi was starting to suspect that Ellie meant more to Chad then just a friend. She decided to ask him about it the day before they were to leave for the court hearing. She found him in the barn.
“Chad, What do you think of Ellie?”
Chad leaned against the barn stall a surprised look on his face. Andi could tell she had caught him off guard.
“Ellie, she's.. .she's nice. Why do you ask?”
Andi shrugged. “Because I think you like her.”
“And how old are you again?”  Chad joked. ”Oh, I remember,  you're thirteen years old and asking me about my love life! Who made you the expert?”
“No one, I just thought...”
“You thought right,” Chad interrupted. “I'm just giving you a hard time.”
Andi made a face. “Well, are you going to ask her to marry you?”
That's my sister all right, blunt.
“I'll have to see. Just don’t tell anyone yet.”
Andi grinned. “Are you asking me to keep your secret?”
Chad grinned as well. “I know, I know, it’s a first. But you’ll keep it?”
“Well. . .”
Andi laughed, “Of course, I’ll keep it. I was just giving you  a hard time!”


Tuesday came and with it came the day for Jem, Ellie and Justin to leave for the hearing in San Francisco.  At the last minute, Mother decided the rest of the family would come along and pay a long-overdue visit to Aunt Rebecca.
They boarded the stage coach and, after talking for a while, rode in silence.
Suddenly, Andi heard hoof beats coming from the opposite direction. She glanced out the window. “Justin, Chad,  look!” she exclaimed as a shudder went through her. They both glanced out the window.
“Stage-robbers” Justin announced grimly.
  The stage robbers held up their guns and screamed to get out with their hands up in the air. Everyone shook as they obeyed. Andi stuck close to Ellie, who was near Chad. The robbers never moved the guns away from their faces.
Ellie looked at the robbers, there were three of them. I hope they just ask for money and leave.
The robbers pointed at Andi. “You, girl, get over here.”
“Yes, sir.” Andi stood over by them a very worried look in her face.
Then they pointed at Ellie. ”You also!”
“No! Not both of them!” Chad exclaimed.
“Quiet!” they shouted, as the leader roughly jerked Ellie away from Chad and pulled her up in front of him onto the horse. The other one did the same to Andi, then they rode off.


Mitch was hastily unharnessing the horses when Chad turned back to the others. “Chad, here!” he yelled.
Chad turned just in time to catch the makeshift reins Mitch threw at him.
“There’s four horses here. Chad, Justin and Jem, you go after the girls while I ride on ahead into Madera and get the sheriff. Chad, do you have your pistol?”
Chad nodded and patted his side.
“Okay, Justin, you don’t have one. . .but, Jem, do you?”
Jem nodded. “I always bring one with me.”
“Great! Justin, maybe you best stay here with mother and Melinda. I’ll leave the extra horse.”
Justin nodded. “Sounds good. Now hurry!”

The trees were thick and, since that area was unfamiliar to Chad, the going was slow. Suddenly, Jem pulled up his horse.  ”Shh, listen.”
Chad reined in his horse and strained his ears. Sure enough, to the left there were fading hoof beats.
“Okay, one of us needs to go around and come from the other direction, that way they’ll be trapped.”
Jem nodded. “Good idea. Why don’t you go around? Even though you don’t know it well, you probably could find your way around better than I.”
Chad nodded and they quickly parted ways.

To be concluded . . . 



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    1. Madera is 20 miles to the north; Visalia about the same to the south

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