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Long Ride Home "Lost Scenes" #2

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This next lost scene takes up exactly where we left off last time. There is a scene break and a scene switch to later that same afternoon. While Andi is up at her special spot having a conversation with Taffy, the following scene is taking place at home. Enjoy!

Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home 
Lost Scene #2

 "Do you happen to know where Andrea is?" Elizabeth Carter’s voice greeted Chad late that afternoon as he sauntered through the foyer on his way to find something to eat. He spied a bowl full of apples on a nearby table, picked one up, then turned to his mother.

"Someplace where she can't get into trouble, I hope," he muttered, still irritated at how the morning had begun. He tossed the apple into the air and caught it with his other hand. He headed for the large, open great room that served as a place to rest and relax or entertain guests as the occasion arose.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Elizabeth asked, frowning. She followed her son into the great room and put her hands on her hips. "Weren't you making sure she got those stalls cleaned? After all, it was your idea."
Chad let out a long, frustrated sigh. "The stalls didn't get cleaned, Mother." In a few clipped sentences, he related the early morning incident. Elizabeth frowned in concern.  
"Then she took off on Taffy,” Chad finished. "I haven't seen her since." He smiled to relieve his mother's serious expression. "Don't worry. You know Andi'll come back when she gets hungry. Nothing can hurt her on the ranch. She's no doubt up at that special place of hers."
"Nothing can hurt her on the ranch?" Elizabeth looked surprised at that statement. "You just related an incident where she was very nearly killed."
"You know what I mean." Chad took another bite of the apple and slouched in the chair, worn out from the day's work. He propped his feet up on the footstool and sighed. "All right, Mother. I'll send somebody after her if you’d like---"
"I doubt she'd appreciate being dragged home by a ranch hand like a stray calf.”
Chad chuckled. "You have a point." He looked at his mother's worried face. "I'll fetch her myself if you're concerned. I need to talk to her anyway.”
Elizabeth shook her head. "I'm not too worried. I only wanted to make sure she was home this afternoon. A telegram from Justin arrived just before lunch. He'll be home in time for supper. He's bringing Senator Farley with him." She sighed. "I knew Andrea would be pleased to hear the news, since we weren't expecting Justin for another week or two."
"I think it'd be a good lesson for Andi to find out the hard way. If she misses Justin's homecoming this evening, it'll be her own fault."
"You're not very sympathetic, Chad."
"I haven't time to be sympathetic,” came Chad’s impatient reply. He whirled around in the chair. “In case you've forgotten, Mother, this is a working ranch. I have too much on my mind to be continually checking up on that girl day in and day out, redoing her chores, pulling her out of all the dangerous situations she's managed to get herself into these days."  He paused and took a breath. “You remember what happened last week, don't you? Sid McCoy had to drag her home after he almost ran her over with that group of geldings he was bringing in. And what she was doing out there, I'd like to know! We never did get a straight answer out of her for that---"
"Chad . . .” Elizabeth warned, but her son continued to vent his frustration.
"This incident with the stallion is the last straw! She's been around horses all her life.  She knows better. What in the world has gotten into her?"
"Try to be patient, Chad. You think your sister gets into scrapes and forgets her chores? Well, you might remember yourself at that age. It brings to mind the time you got trapped in that old, abandoned mine for almost a full day. You know the one. You'd been told to stay away from it, of course, but you were sure there was a hidden vein of gold, and nobody could convince you otherwise."
"Yeah,” Chad replied sourly, "I remember it well. And I got what was coming to me from Father, if you'll recall, after he pulled me out of the mine. That's what Andi needs, I suspect---a good, old-fashioned spanking."
Elizabeth folded her arms across her chest and sighed. "And just what would that accomplish?"
Chad looked uncomfortable. "I don't know exactly, but I promised her one if she goes near that horse again."
His mother shook her head wearily. "I'm sure your threat went a long way toward solving the problem."  
"Actually,” Chad admitted, looking around for a place to toss his apple core, "she didn't take it too well.  She---"
"Spare me the details, if you please." Elizabeth cut off her son. "Give her a little understanding, Chad. It can't be easy being the youngest---caught between childhood and adulthood. Too old to be spoiled and petted, and too young to be given the freedom she sees in everyone else, but hasn't earned herself." She waved her hand to cut the conversation short. "Just pass the word around that if anyone sees her, they should tell her about the company dinner tonight, and not to be late."
"Right." Chad pulled himself up from the chair. He gave the apple a careless toss into the huge fireplace that took up a good portion of one wall. It made a quiet thud as it hit the cold ashes. "It's been a long day. I'll check the barn and around the yard before cleaning up.  Maybe by some miracle Andi returned to clean those stalls." 
"I hope so,” Elizabeth murmured softly.  She frowned slightly as she tried to think of some way to help her youngest daughter adjust to all the unfortunate circumstances she seemed to have stumbled into over the past couple of months. Andrea was usually so bright and cheerful, forever running and laughing---so full of life. Her blue eyes always sparkled with delight, and she was usually on good terms with her older brothers and sister.
Lately, however, she'd managed to rub everyone the wrong way with her careless disregard for her chores, the trouble at school, and the normal restrictions on where she could ride and what she could do. Elizabeth was more than a little concerned. The defiance Andrea had shown today regarding Chad's instructions about the stallion could not be ignored.  
           Elizabeth made her way toward the kitchen to check on the dinner preparations, all the while trying to think back to the time when Melinda was Andrea’s age. She came to the conclusion that Melinda had not experienced the same difficulties Andrea seemed to be facing these days. Of course James had been alive when Melinda was eleven, and probably made the difference. Andrea was the only one of the children who hadn't had the benefit of having a father around during the crucial times of her childhood. 
Elizabeth shook her head, at a loss. Well, she decided finally, Andrea’s got Justin.  Perhaps he can step in and do something with her...

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  1. Ooh, Chad sure has a temper. I guess most people do though.It must be kind of hard being the youngest sibling with a pretty big gap between you and the next youngest.I'm the middle kid in our family so I have an older sister and a younger sister.

  2. I love this! I like this because it goes more into Chad's character. I can understand frustration with younger siblings. :S Not easy! I'm glad I'm the oldest, but for about a year I lived off/on with another family because my family was away so much. It was neat being the youngest.
    I do find that Chad doesn't seem too happy with anyone. I think he might be feeling a bit guilty for getting so mad at Andi.
    These books would make such amazing videos. Oh, if only I was a famous video maker and made thousands of dollars to use making movies of all the books that deserve them (and I would try to keep the story line as close to the original as possible! The Love Comes Softly series-wonderful dvds; nearly nothing like the books. They kill about twice as many people, and the people who actually have amputations in the books don't in the movies! Sigh!).
    God bless!

    1. I agree Ira-Grace! It's really weird reading the whole Love Comes Softly series, then watching the movies. They totally made the movies all wrong! :/
      (Has anyone here read the Seasons of the Heart books written by Janette Oke? I love that series almost as much as Love Comes Softly!)
      I love these snips from your lost scenes Mrs. M! :D

    2. I agree! But I watched the movies first, its always best to watch the movies first than read the books, gives you more insight of the characters. No I didn't read Seasons of the Heart, but I'll check them out. ;)

    3. That's funny! My mom always makes me read the books first, and then the movie! :)

    4. I've read the Seasons of the Heart and I have really enjoyed them!

      I love this scene! I really like seeing this other side of Chad. And I really like seeing him with Mrs. Carter :)

    5. I LOVE the love comes softly series! I actually haven't seen all of them. Me and my mom just watched Love Begins this evening! ;)

    6. The seasons of the heart books are my favorite by Janette Oak.. That and Roses for mama..have any if u ever read that???
      The only Love Comes Softly movies that I like are the 1-3 after that they have even less in common with the books...

    7. I like to read the books, then watch the movies. That way I know how the author presented the character. After all, they created the character, and they chose how that character was supposed to act!
      Roses for Mama is a lovely book. Close to my heart. I understand the oldest girl. My life has been slightly like that.
      I don't like "Love Begins". It's not from the books!
      The Love Comes Softly also makes Missie way to old in the first movies! She was a toddler when her mom died and when Marty "married" Clark.
      Yep. Read the books!!! :D

    8. Roses for Mama was one of my favorite Janette Oke books! I also like A Gown of Spanish Lace. Well, okay, those were the only two books that I'd read that were written by Jannete Oke! :P I'm trying not to read too many of the Janette Oke books since I found out that I have (almost) an addiction for romancey kind of books. Janette Oke writes really good books, but I think I'll wait until I'm a bit older to read more of them.

    9. Good for you, Megan, to have the discretion and strength of will to see your weaknesses and stand firm! God will bless you!

      I have to be honest and say that I find "romancey" books--even historicals--incredibly tedious. I read Janette Oke books when they first came out. The first few were good (she is really the first Christian romance author, back in the 80s), but I soon lost interest. They all started sounding the same (just different settings).

      I don't care for Amish books either--for the same reason. I mean, honestly . . . how many different plots can they think up that end up as: Amish Girl, English Boy . . . does the girl remain with her Amish folks or does she go with the Englisher? Seriously, I can't believe the pages and PAGES of "Amish" in the CBD print catalog. I'm overwhelmed at the obsession for all things Amish.

      I like an interesting story with interesting things that happen, with a "touch" of romance (read: Star Wars, LOL--Han and Leia). It's totally natural but it's NOT the reason for the book. I don't like books when the WHOLE reason for the book is the romance.

      Call me old-fashioned or too practical, but there you have it!

      Don't worry . . . I'll do my best to get Andi married off by the time the last book rolls around, but it's not going to be easy! LOL

    10. Megan: I'm probably addicted to romance books too! Which is one reason I fell in love with the Andi books right away!!

    11. Hey, Faith. How in the world do you classify the Andi books as "romance" books? LOL
      Just totally curious. If you mean the "romance" of the Old West and adventure, then yes, I'll agree with you on that definition. They are romance in that sense of the word.

      But the modern term "romance" usually means a lot of boy-girl stuff, and the CCAdventures have very little of that (my promise to parents, who prefer their girls ages 10 and 11 do not have Andi kissing boys and all that stuff in them).

    12. No, no! Sorry I should have been more clear on that! I meant I like Andi because they are NOT like that! Lol;)

    13. Oh! Now I get it! Thanks for clarifying. Lol glad you love them!

    14. They are the best books I've read in a LONG time! Since this spring I've almost read the entire series twice! ;)

    15. I agree with you Faith! Part of the reason I like Andi so much is because she doesn't act or think like a girl in a Janette Oke book. :)

    16. Yep. I like how Andi would rather everything stay as it is (all her siblings living at home, well except Katherine). And I love her relationship with her brothers especially Justin!

    17. Have any of you read "Heart of the wilderness"? It's by Jeanette Oke also, but there is almost no romance in it at all. . .It's one of my favorites :)

    18. I haven't read a ton of these. I have a few, but haven't read them all. I really like A Gown of Spanish Lace.
      I haven't read Heart of the wilderness, though I think I have that book. I might have to read it!

      I like how the Andi books are though, mystery, action, friendship. But it will be exciting if/when you marry Andi off!

    19. I haven't read Heart of the Wilderness either. What is it about?
      It will be very interesting to read about Andi courting and marrying. I'm going to guess that there will be an Andi-ish twist to it!

    20. Okay, here's a description of it :)

      Kendra was not yet four when her parent's died in a river accident. She had to live with her grandfather George MacMannus who was a trapper in the wilderness. Every time that George would go out, he would summon an old Indian woman named Noni to come to stay with Kendra. Although Noni didn't say much, she tought Kendra all about the wilderness. She tought her what kinds of plants to eat, which one's were poisonous, and which one's to use for medicines. Also, she tought her about how to respect the earth and animals, and that they were all her relatives. Papa Mac, what Kendra called her Grandfather, didn't want Kendra to believe in Noni's fables, which led Kendra searching for something more. Kendra's desire for knowledge leads her from her wilderness home to the home of her Papa Mac's trusted friend Maggie where she attends school. Will she find the answers that she is looking for?

  3. I love the Love Comes Softly video series.I would love to get to act in an old fashioned good movie.
    You know no swearing,gambling,saloons etc.

    1. Have you see the When Calls the Heart DVD"s? It was originally a hallmark show, but they are coming out in DVD. They are based off another of Janette Oke's series, and they are really good!!

    2. Yes! I really like the When Calls the Heart movie! :D
      Don't really care for the books. For once, I think that the movie is better. ;)

    3. Oh I really like When Calls the Heart!! I totaly agree with Megs that the movies are akot better than the books;-)
      Janette Oak is one of my favorite authors ( and Mrs M of course)!! I have a ton of her books and love almost every one I read;-) they gave more to them then thr normal "christian" romance......;-)

  4. Mrs. M I think my iPad has gone berserk! A few days ago I received an email update for Uagust trivia and today I got the answers! :&. Ah! LOL

    1. Calamity Rene said the same thing. I have no idea why Blogger is hiccuping like this. I did go through my past posts and delete a bunch of "old news," but I didn't do anything with the recent posts. If it keeps happening, let me know. I did post by accident an out of sequence "lost scenes," and you probably got notification for that. But I fixed it so it will now post "on time."

    2. Actually I didn't get that one! :p

  5. Awesome! I love getting to see Chad and Elizabeth's perspective!!

    1. Hey everyone! I want to thank you all SO much for your prayers for my family! They are being answered!
      This past week (Sun-Wed) there was a revival going on at a nearby church where a friend of ours pastors. We went to every service but one and it helped our family especially my father sooo much. The Holy Spirit was definitely there!! The man that was preaching we had never met before but I feel he was sent from God to help us when we needed it! Dad said he felt like he has made a new friend. :)
      The Friday before the revival (Oct. 17) I read Psalms 12:1 ~
      "Help, Lord; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men."
      The preaching and music at the showed that God's people or in the minority but are still out there!!
      Thank you all again and please continue to pray for my family. Tomorrow my father will be preaching at a church that is in need of a pastor. Also please pray for 2 pastors we know that has cancer.
      Thanks, Faith!

    2. Praying! And I'm glad to hear the good news!

  6. Thanks! Are their any more "lost scenes"?

  7. Awesome! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3


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