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Lost Scene #1 Long Ride Home

Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home

Lost Scene #1: After Andi nearly gets killed by going near Chad's wild stallion, she huffs off to the barn to bury her sorrows with Taffy. Mitch follows and tries to talk some sense into her, but Andi says a few things that were not in the published book. When that scene ends, Chapter 2 begins, which is a scene not included in the book. Enjoy!

Andi gathered up the reins and pushed past her brother.  "Just leave me alone, Mitch.  I've been yelled at all week, and I'm tired of it. You don't understand. And when Chad gets done telling Mother, she won't understand either.  Everybody else is always right and I'm always wrong."  She stopped at the barn door. "Chad can't make me clean out these stupid stalls.  I'm leaving, and . . ."  She paused.  "Maybe I won't come back." 
Mitch folded his arms across his chest. "Suit yourself."  He made his way around his sister and her horse, and rejoined Chad without another word.
Andi led Taffy out of the barn and into the bright morning sun.  She mounted her in one smooth motion by grasping the golden mane and sliding onto her bare back. Once she left the yard she allowed herself the luxury of another heart-felt crying spell and sobbed into the wind.  She forced Taffy into a full gallop, not caring where she went as long as she got there quickly.   
Andi cried louder.  She was relieved that not another soul could hear or see her now.  She slowed Taffy to a trot and turned her toward their favorite spot---a small, clear, bubbling stream up in the north pasture.  Nobody went there this time of year.  It would be the perfect place to sit and think . . . and to stay out of trouble.

Chapter 2 [new scene]

Chad paused from his fence repairs long enough to watch the small figure disappear over the range. He accepted a new piece of railing from Mitch then asked, "Did you have a nice chat with our sister?" He already knew the answer.
"Not exactly."
Chad grinned and regarded his brother thoughtfully. "You know what, Mitch? You oughta give up trying to smooth things over for Andi. You know it never works. For one thing, you keep forgetting that she's as stubborn as---"
"The rest of the Carters?" Mitch supplied. He lifted the end of the railing and held it level for his brother.
"For starters,” Chad agreed with a grin.
Silence fell, except for the pounding of the hammer. Mitch glanced over toward the source of his sister's latest trouble. The stallion pranced around the corral, snorting his unhappiness. "Did you have to yell at her quite so much?" he asked quietly. 
Chad’s cheerful grin vanished. "What did you expect me to do? Pat her on the head and suggest she pay more attention to my instructions?" He straightened and scowled at his brother. He had about a million things to do today, and here he was, picking up after Andi and arguing with Mitch. 
"No. Of course not, but---"
          "Then stay out of it." Chad whipped off his hat and wiped his forehead. It was proving to be a warm morning, in more ways than he liked.
Mitch lowered his hammer. "I can't stay out of it, Chad. She's my sister, too. And you came down on her mighty hard---in front of the men." He seemed forever caught in the unhappy position as mediator between his older brother and younger sister. They were too much alike to come to a peaceful agreement once they got started on something.
Mitch considered his next words carefully. "It wasn't right, Chad. And you know it.  Family business should be conducted privately, not in the middle of the yard."
Chad replaced his hat and leaned against the corral. He looked over at the stallion, then turned slowly back to Mitch. He shrugged. "So. Okay. You're probably right. But I was so scared. She was almost killed, and I guess I lost my temper."
"You got that right, big brother." Mitch chuckled.          
"Well,” Chad conceded after a moment's pause, "maybe when she gets back I'll have a little talk with her."
"Good idea,” Mitch agreed, relieved. He slapped his brother on the back, his cheerful outlook on life restored. "And Andi’ll return from her quiet spot all calmed down, too.  By supper we’ll have forgotten this ever happened."    

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  1. Aw I like it!!! I love the scene with Chad!!!!;-)

  2. These are good scenes!!! :D


  3. I really like this scene! Can't wait till the second one!!

  4. I love these scenes, giving some great insider looks into everyone's favorite side characters. :)

  5. Awesome!
    But I can see why the publisher would have wanted it to stay with the one-person view point. I do really like this.
    Well, I'm sure her brothers weren't expecting what would go on next!
    God bless!
    John 3:16

  6. How many lost scenes are there---Tara

    1. So far I have scheduled 6 or 7 separate posts for different lost scenes. I think I have maybe 10 altogether? Just from this first book. Alas, I got "smart" from then on and wrote the rest of the books like I was "supposed"--with no jumping back and forth between different scenes and characters. *sigh* I really prefer to jump all over because it's like watching a movie, and that's how my mind "sees" my stories. But one must do what one must do. :-)

      And you can enjoy the missing scenes!

    2. That is exactly what I do! Its hard to stop... but I am going to enter the writing contest so I have to do my best.

  7. What happened to Hugh Baker after Trouble with Treasure? I re-read the ending. When Justin gives Andi, Jenny, and Cory the money there is no mention of him.
    ~Have Faith!

  8. I have no idea! LOL But I can think of something. Maybe you can, and it can be a Fan Story.

  9. That's why I was asking! I have a great idea for a pretty lengthy fan story and Ex deputy baker comes into play to say the least! Haha! So, did he go to prison?

    1. Yep! Other than Andi Hugh Baker, Chad, and Betsy play important roles!

  10. I love it! :) But, by the way, Mrs. Marlow, did you get an e-mail from me with a fan fiction story attached? I thought I might ask, because it's been a couple weeks since I sent it in. I totally understand how busy you are, which is why I just thought I'd ask. :)

    1. No! And I was thinking about emailing you, because I was pretty sure it was you who asked about that a few weeks ago. But I can't find your email address, so I'm glad you commented. I even looked in my Junk Email folder but it's not there either. Try again. If I don't reply right away (just to say I got it), it means I never got it. I ALWAYS reply right away, even if I don't read it right away. If worse comes to worse, you can try copying and pasting the story into the Contact Form on the sidebar.
      Looking forward to it!

  11. These scenes are really interesting/fun to read!
    I really like them!!!

  12. Mrs. M, I got an email/update for the August trivia quiz. Maybe I'm crazy but I thought it was October! Lol!

  13. Have no clue why. I did go through my old posts and update a bunch, and I deleted a bunch more (ones that were very old, like stuff from 2010), so I have no idea why Blogger is sending "updates" of things I DIDN'T update, like the August Trivia quiz. LOL

  14. Great scenes! My favorite is the one with Chad and Mitch.

  15. WOW!! Never heard that much of Chad and Ms.Carter! All I really hear is Andi's side and she might exaggerate a little.;-)
    And I'm the 2 out of 7.:-)

  16. Mrs. M, do you think you could do a lost scene from "Dangerous Decision"? Maybe of Virginia's POV of when Andi takes her place when Jed Hatton comes, or even Justin's POV of when he searches for her? (Just a thought!)

    1. The "lost scenes" are actual scenes that were in the original manuscript that I took out before publishing (with a little updated revisions).

      I used to have lost scenes for Dangerous Decision (the book started out completely different, actually), but I have truly lost those. So, the lost scenes you are reading are not scenes I just write from other points of view right now. I just grab them from old stories, like The Terrible Secret that I'm posting these days.


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