Monday, September 29, 2014

Sneak Peek #1

There are 5 long months before Circle C Milestones #1, Thick as Thieves, makes its debut. Somebody around here found out that the sire of Taffy's foal is Sebastian. Maybe I posted it someplace. I can't remember. You all seem to be able to keep track of things better than I can and keep me on my toes.
I think it would be fun to do a few "sneak peeks" of the new book now and again, sort of like movie previews of an upcoming feature film.

This month's sneak peek will let you know who the sire of Taffy's foal(s) is. 

Sebastian is a fine-looking buckskin, very similar in markings to Chad's horse, Sky (which is a gelding).

Now for the "sneak peek," an excerpt from where we learn about Sebastian. It's not much, but perhaps you'll think it's fun to be tickled a little bit.

Excerpted from Chapter 4. WARNING: spoiler alert. Do not read this short excerpt if you want to be surprised about the foal(s). But most of you are already familiar with Taffy's foaling situation, having read the short story, "Midnight Surprise," a couple of years ago. That short story eventually morphed into this full-length (175 pages) novel. 

Andi has just finished giving her mother all of the logical reasons why she should stay home from school and get her foals off to a good start . . . 

       Mother frowned, which was not a good sign. “We’ve been over this before. I have no intention of allowing you to miss school and fall behind in your lessons.”
       “Why not? Half the class will disappear come spring, when the farm kids leave for planting time. Cory is graduating from the eighth grade this year. He doesn’t have to go back. Why can’t I graduate too? I don’t care about school—”
       “I do.”
       Andi slumped back on the straw. Graduating from the eighth grade was an important milestone for most of the scholars in the Fresno grammar school, but it meant very little to Andi. Mother was clear: each member of the Carter family would receive a full measure of education until they reached the “magic” age of sixteen. Two and a half more years until I can be finished with this whole, sorry school business.
       Andi laid a hand on Shasta’s white, fuzzy mane. It contrasted vividly with his chocolaty coat. He looked at her with dark, limpid eyes. How can I leave him? Andi looked at the nursing Sunny just across the stall. How could she leave either of them?
       Her brother’s words from nearly a year ago stabbed her memory. “You oughta wait a few more months before letting Sebastian visit Taffy,” Chad had advised. “You’ll have time on your hands come summer. Besides, who wants a winter foal?”
       Andi didn’t want to wait. The time had seemed right, and Chad didn’t insist. Sebastian was a champion stallion and the perfect match for Taffy. Chad had shrugged and given his consent.
       Now she was stuck with the results of her hurry-up attitude.
       “You can’t say Chad didn’t warn you.”
       Andi winced. Is Mother a mind reader?

Go here for Sneak Peek #2--Meet a new character 



  1. Could the new character be Macy? I think that is the girls name,right?
    --- Eve

    1. You will totally find out next month, Eve. :-)

    2. Next month seems like such a long time from now!

  2. A lovely little glimpse into the new book. :) Oh, impatient Andi, always wanting things now and not willing to wait until it's too late. :)

  3. Cool!!!! I can't wait for next month!:-)

  4. Yes Andi. Yes your mother can in fact read minds. ;)

  5. Mrs.Marlow,
    In the Circle C Milestones will Jenny Grant be in them?


    1. No, but Jenny is in one of the stories in Tales from the Circle C Ranch. I just asked my marketing manager when I can show you all the cover for that book. :-)

  6. Awesome! I love liver chestnuts. Can hardly wait for the Milestone books!!!

  7. Awesome! I think you had put a picture of Sebastian on once before. He is a lovely horse! I love his color, though I usually fall for Bays and Blacks. ;-)

    Thanks for the sneak peak Mrs. M!! :-D It makes more and more excited to read the book!

    -Sarah Beth-

    1. I was looking through pictures and I did come across a picture of Sebastian. ;] --Tara

  8. Mrs. M, what breed is Taffy and foals?


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