Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Trivia Quiz Winner and Answers

Congratulations to Anne Morud, the randomly drawn winner for this month's trivia contest (please send me your address). And here is an amazing thing. Usually, the 100% "right" answers get weeded down, but this month every entrant got 100%. I must have made the questions too easy. LOL  Thanks for playing. I've enjoyed our spring and summer once-a-month trivia contests and I hope you have too.

Here are the answers::

 1. Name the two bullies Andi confronts in the alley behind the mercantile. Johnny and Jack (or Johnny Wilson and Jack Goodwin)
2. How much money does Andi make working in the peach orchard? eight dollars ($8.00)
3. What tune does the music box play? Brahms' Lullaby
4. Who is the prosecuting attorney (the lawyer trying to prove Peter killed the man)? Matthew Powers
5. What is the name of the defense attorney (Peter's lawyer)? Maxwell Browning
6. How much money does Andi want to withdraw from her bank account? ten dollars ($10.00)
7. Where are Peter and Mitch planning to go on vacation? Yosemite
8. Who is Harvey Wellin? a newspaper reporter (from the San Francisco Chronicle can be included but is not necessary to get the answer right)
9. Name the two women Andi hears gossiping about her and her family. Mrs. Evans and Mrs. King
10. What does Johnny show Andi to convince her to go with him? a cream-colored hank of mane
11. How many coins does Chad drop into Andi's hand? four
12. What did Andi's brothers and sister buy their mother for her birthday? a painting (of a buffalo hunt can be included but is not necessary to get the answer right)
13. Who takes Andi back to the ranch after her all-night scare? Johnny (Wilson)
14. What does Andi do when she can't answer the question the lawyer asks her in court? She faints.
15. Who saves the day by bringing Taffy into town? Jack (Goodwin)



  1. Wow!!! So cool!!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Congratulations every one on getting all the answers right, and Congratulations Anne for winning the final Circle C Adventures trivia contest. Thanks for all the fun these contests have been Mrs. M I'll miss them :)

  3. I wish that you can find out more contests of sorts! Thank you!

  4. congratulations anne--Tara

  5. Good Job Anne
    Thanks Mrs. M for doing these contests!

  6. Congratulations Anne!!! I wish there were more books!


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