Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Now This Is Living!

Okay, the author has been taking over quite a bit these days, so it's time I (Andi) got "back in the saddle" and started recording a few interesting happenings.

First off, my second adventure in the Circle C Milestones is finished. I think it's going to be called Danger Trail, on account of the fact that I finally--after much pleading and suggesting to Mother that this is what I want to do for my 15th birthday--go along on a short, easygoing cattle drive. (I find out there is nothing easy about any kind of cattle drive.)

Kitty Wilkins, the horse queen of Idaho
How did I manage this feat? Well, I spent a long time gathering ammunition (i.e. news stories about other women and ladies who do things not normally associated with a "young lady.") I found a couple of "heroines," like Kitty Wilkins, the "Horse Queen of Idaho," and her horse is the same color as Taffy--a palomino!

Her picture was in the paper (I'm not sure why this picture doesn't show Kitty on her palomino, but oh, well, at least she's on a horse!). And she runs her own ranch and rounds up mustangs and sells them and . . . bosses the ranch hands too!

Sadie Austin
My other heroine is Sadie Austin. She's closer to my own age. That's her in the picture to the left. While Kitty rides sidesaddle in her riding habit (too much for me), Sadie wears a split-skirt (hurrah!) topped by a shorter skirt over the top. This young lady is noted for her accomplishments and fine ways, and she can play the piano (I cannot). 

I like her getup, except I think I'll have to pass on the rifle. Sadie is a great shot, while I--alas--am not. And it's not because Chad hasn't tried to teach me, either.

When I showed Mother I'd done my research and wasn't about to disgrace the family name by wanting to help on the cattle drive (since these ladies did those things too), Mother gave her permission.

It didn't take long until I wished she hadn't. But that, my friends, is another story . . . coming Fall 2015. 



  1. I can't wait to read this book :) It'll be hard to wait all the way till next fall :( at least the first one is coming out pretty soon :) I love your books Mrs. M

  2. Rats! Not sooner??? :C :D I'll be looking forward to it! Too bad publishers like to take their time!

    1. Well, I won't completely blame my publisher. It took me a long time to write this book too! :-)

    2. Well, never mind! I'm looking forward to it! It'll just be even better when we finally get to read it!
      I've been working on my contest story-trying to figure how to say what I want to say!
      God bless!
      John 3:16

  3. I can't wait till they both come out!

    Hannah M.

  4. Another whole year!!!
    Well, it's good to hear from Andi again!


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