Monday, August 25, 2014

August Trivia: Winner and Answers

August prize: Patches, gold, a magnet, and a CCA pin
Congratulations to Skylar! You are the winner of the Trouble with Treasure trivia contest. I have emailed you to ask for your mailing address and will send your fun prize out on Wednesday.

Below are the answers to the quiz. Thanks for playing, everybody! AND . . . this week I will also post the *drum roll* post for the upcoming Story Writing Contest. It doesn't launch until September 1, but you loyal blog fans get a "sneak peek" before I send out the Ezine to the rest of the readers. I have heard rumors that some of you are already writing on your story.

One of the "Bethany"s here told me that her little sister was sitting under her grandmother's booth at a convention and working on her story.

1. When is Trouble with Treasure set? Early summer, 1881 (page 7)
2. What is the name of Fresno's new deputy? Hugh Baker (page 17)
3. A "thumb-sized" piece of gold weighs about how much? One ounce (page 41)
4. Who is sucking on an ice chip when Andi and Jenny go to town? Jack (Goodwin) (page 12)
5. Everybody ducks their heads in the horse trough except for one person. Who is it? Andi (page 14)
6. What is the name of Fresno's newspaper? (The) Expositor (or the Fresno Expositor) (page 25)
7. Who do the kids spy walking around the town of Fresno Flats? Hugh Baker (page 52)
8. Which of the Carter brothers joined the posse to track down the bank robbers? Chad (page 28)
9. What does Cory want to do with the dead rattlesnake? Cory wants to turn it in for the bounty; (Mitch suggests they might want to cook it up and eat it.) (page 47)
10. What is the name of the Carters' packhorse? Pepper (page 59)
11. Who goes down the mountain to fetch help for the injured Mitch? Cory (page 92)
12. What is stamped on the outside of the sacks Jenny finds under the bunk? Fresno County Bank (page 95)
13. What food does Andi simply detest eating? Jerky (or beef jerky) (page 47)
14. What does Andi pull out of the burlap sack? the dead rattlesnake (page 132)
15. What scares the girls during the middle of the night? a cougar (or a mountain lion) (page 109)
16. Who bandaged Jenny's head? Mrs. Simmons (or Mitch, since he wrapped a rag around it first) (page 55 for Mrs. Simmons; page 48 for Mitch)


  1. Wow! Can't believe this!! Awesome!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Audrey and Faith!!
      I thought some of my answers were wrong but I guess not! :)

  3. I thought we had a chance to send the answers today too. I didn't get a chance to enter because I wanted to double check them first.

    1. You are right, Rayana, and I apologize. I got ahead of myself this time. But in going back and reading the post, I saw that it says the contest goes through Monday but I would draw the winner on SUNDAY. Oops. I really made a mess of it. I waited until Monday afternoon, since I hadn't received anymore entries.

      I'll try to be more specific on the last contest (September). I make mistakes when I copy and paste old contest posts and just try to tweak them a little. :-)

  4. Good job Skyler. Thanks for the fun contest Mrs. M, I really enjoy them :)

  5. Uhm, something weird seems to be happening with the blog. I already got this post? Why did it come back out?

    1. I have NO idea why! Maybe a Blogger "hiccup." The only thing I did was accidentally post a "lost scenes" post instead of scheduling it for later on in the month. And I"ve deleted and "cleaned out" some old posts and switched some categories around. I did nothing with the trivia stuff, so go figure . .. Sorry!


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