Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Trivia Quiz Answers and Winner

Congratulations to FAITH. You are the winner of the San Francisco Smugglers contest. Please send me your mailing address either by replying to the email I sent you or here on the Blogger Contact Form. Then I can send your fun prize out!

Here are the answers to the July Trivia questions:

1. Justin and Andi catch the ferry to San Francisco in which city? Oakland
2. What 3 creeks usually flooded Fresno every year? Fancher, Red, and Big Dry Creeks
3. What does "Que triste!" mean? How sad!
4. What is the name of the Chinese laundryman's son whom Andi knows doesn't attend school? Chen Lu
5. Jenny Grant comes from which part of the country? Washington Territory
6. Lin Mei is a mui tsai. This means she is a ____slave__.
7. Andi is the best young rider of which county? Fresno County
8. What do the Chinese call California? Kum Sum or Golden Mountain
9. Where do the rich and important people of San Francisco live? Nob Hill
10. What game does Andi teach Lin Mei? Cat's Cradle
11. What is the stable boy's name?  Juan Carlow
12. Who captures Andi, Jenny, and the little Chinese girls? Feng Chee
13. Miss Whitaker is upset for 2 reasons. One reason is that Lin Mei is missing. What is the other reason she is upset? Her missing jewels (or earrings, brooch, bracelet)
14. Aunt Rebecca lives in a big mansion in what part of San Francisco? Pacific Heights
15. Who hides the girls when they are running away from the sailors?  Freddie (or a newsboy)
16. Where in China is Lin Mei from?  Canton
17. What are the names of the 2 missionaries who rescued girls from the Chinese slave trade in the 19th century?  Margaret Culbertson and Donaldina Cameron



  1. Congratulations Faith!
    ( Isn't is Juan Carlos not Juan Carlow?)

  2. Congrats Faith!
    When does the contest begin?

  3. Will you send out an announcement for the contest Mrs. M? and how do we sign up? I haven't been on the blog for very long so I am not sure how it all works :)

    1. If you are signed up for the Ezine (see sidebar) you will know when the contest starts. I will also announce it here on the blog. When I announce the contest, all the "rules" will be at a link and you will learn everything you need to know to enter it. :-)

    2. thanks! I am looking forwards to it :)

  4. Mrs. Marlow,
    I am trying to start writing my story for the contest and I have a few questions.
    1.because of copyright,can I use two scenes/thought processes from Trouble With Treasure pages 31 through 33 and pg.139? many horses would a rancher own in the 1890's? old, do you imagine, was Andi when she died?

  5. 1. You can use "scenes" from Trouble with Treasure, but you cannot use it word for word. You will have to come up with your own retelling of those scenes (because of copyright). You could write it from another character's point of view if you wanted. That would be fine.

    2. Lots and lots of horses. Hundreds of horses if they are a horse rancher/breeder; less if they focus on cattle; Andi's ranch, of course, is both. :-)

    3. I have no idea. Use your imagination and "kill her off" at any age you want! :-)


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