Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I love this new banner

Kregel made me a new little banner to send to the WA homeschool organization's web page (I get a free banner on their site for one year.

Sorry I don't have anything better to post. It has been a very long last couple of weeks for Mrs. M. Her dad's 90th birthday was the week of the trivia contest winners and then the Fourth of July she needed to go back to the west side of the mountains to help watch her 8 grandkids while her daughter and son in law went to the hospital a lot to support his family, while his brother-in-law was unconscious in ICU with complications from his MS (multiple schlorisis). Then Mrs. M went home on Sunday, packed up for the convention in Phoenix, and hit the road this morning. That does not leave much time to create interesting blog posts and she is sorry!

Miss Cluck (AKA "Gracie") and her new babies
Oh, Andi's favorite setting hen, Miss Cluck, hatched out 11 chicks on the Fourth of July! One died, but 10 are happy and healthy.

Her real name is Gracie, and she is Mrs. M's grandson Justan's special araucana hen.

The duck, "Quackers," hatched 4 ducklings the next day. But one died. So, although it was a horribly busy time, it was a lot of fun greeting the new families, going to the Fourth of July parade, and watching the city's fireworks that night! 

"Quackers" and the first 2 ducklings


  1. the ducks and chicks are SO cute!!

  2. Awww...... I LOVE ducks!!!!!!! I have some of my own!!!!

  3. Thanks for the adorable pictures and the new update, we understand being busy. :) Love the chicks, and Gracie (aka Miss Cluck) looks just like our hen Subaru. Yes, my brother named her. :)
    Also, love the new banner! Super cool!

    -Calamity Rene

  4. I love baby animals! (Especially foals of course, but ALL babies are wonderful blessings... :P)

  5. I agree with Rebekah, every word she said was true!

  6. baby animals praying for mrs.m and her brother.

  7. sorry tired meant to say love baby animals.


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