Friday, July 18, 2014

Contest Question

I need help! The 2014 short-story contest launches in a month and a half. This year I am including the Goldtown Adventures in the mix so everyone will have more variety in creating stories. I have handed out lots of flyers at conventions so I am expecting a great turnout this year!

I am revising the rules to include Goldtown, and I need a TITLE for the new, upcoming contest book, where the winners will find their stories. Last year's title was Circle C Stories, but I need a broader title this year. I also need an idea of what the cover should look like, since I'm now including Goldtown.

Here's where it gets fun. I need title ideas! Write them down in the comments! I will narrow it down to 4 or 5 and then I will put up a poll and see which title you all like best. The winner of the "title contest" (by popular vote) will receive a copy of the contest book next spring, when it comes out (even if they don't enter the contest).

Here's the only criteria: The title needs to be general enough to include any Goldtown winners.
Note: if only CC stories win, I may revise the title, of course, to reflect those winners.



  1. Maybe something like "Old West Stories: From Goldtown to the Circle C"
    or "Adventures and stories in the Old West" or "Adventures in the Wild West"

  2. Western Adventures....
    Beaneth the Western sky...
    Tails of or "from" the old West...

  3. Adventures and Mystreys from the Circle C Ranch and Goldtown,
    Adventures and Mystreys from the old west! :)

    Hope you like! :)

  4. "Jem and Andi's Adventures"
    "Gold Diggin, Cattle Ropin, Horse Ridin Adventures"
    "Coulter and Carter Stories"
    "Way Out West"

    1. I LOVE "Way Out West"! Its perfect!

  5. Adventures of Two Kids in the Old West
    Excitement in the Old West
    Thrilling Adventures out West

    1. I think the cover should have a diagonal line, and on one side of the line a picture of Andi and on the other side a picture of Jem.

  6. Stories (or Adventures) from the Wild West
    California Adventures
    Wild West Adventures of Jem and Andi

  7. Ooo, good idea Mrs. M! :)
    How about: "Adventures out West; from Goldtown to Fresno"?
    Or maybe: "Thrilling stories from Goldtown to the Circle C Ranch".
    Hmm, looks like I'd better be starting my Contest Story! ;D

  8. Oooh.... A 2014 contest????? Are 2013 winners eligible to enter?

    1. All who entered the 2013 contest may enter again . . . EXCEPT those who won, to give others a chance to win this time around. :-)

  9. "Taming the West"
    "A & J Adventures"
    "Campfire Stories"

    1. I like "Campfire Stories a lot." :)

  10. Wild West Adventures
    Jem and Andi's California Excitement (or Adventures)
    Western Adventures

    If I think of more I'll suggest them. Thanks for doing another contest.

  11. "From mining gold to raisin' horses"

  12. Circle C Goldtown Adventures
    From the ranch to the golden river
    (a couple of suggestions)

  13. "Tales from the Western Frontier"
    "Wild West stories"
    "Western Tales"

  14. Mrs. M, if we won Honorable Mention, can we try again this year and see if we win anything? I assume the answer's no, just thought I'd ask.

    My brother got the first two Goldtown books for his birthday and is already reading the third (which I got for free on Kindle) He loves them!!

    Oh, and if we can't enter the contest, can I still write a story and send it in as a fan story??

    Sorry for all that (:

    1. If your winning story was published in the Contest Book, Circle C Stories, then no, you may not enter the contest again, in order to give those who didn't win (and any new entrants) a fair chance to win.

      But yes! You are certainly welcome to write a story and send it to me as a fan story! :-)

  15. Oh, and I really love Janelle's "Beneath the Western Sky."
    Since you can use ANY character, such as Cory, Rosa, Riley, Sid, etc. I don't think naming it JUST after the Carters and the Coulters (or Andi and Jem) would be the best choice. Maybe something more broad?

    Here are some ideas...
    Dusty Trails and Dried-Up (or Muddy) Creeks- Tales from the Wild West
    Sheriffs and Ranchers Don't Mix - and other stories- (This is just a sample title, Mrs. M. I am suggesting you put a winning story title in its place)

    Can't think of any others right now, but if I do, I will definitely suggest them (:


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