Friday, July 4, 2014

A Fourth of July Fan Story . . . by Rebekah

Here is a little Fourth of July story I received today. Enjoy and happy fourth!

Andi and the 4th of July
             Andi woke up. “The third of July!” Today was the day they cleaned the house and invited people. The clock struck eight. Oh no! Andi was going to be late for breakfast. Andi quickly brushed and braided her hair. After slipping on a dress she ran downstairs.
            “Sorry I’m late!” Andi hollered running into the kitchen.
            “And thank you for this…..” Justin prayed. 
             Melinda scowled at Andi for interrupting the prayer. Andi blushed and quickly took her seat and folded her hands.
            “Now, as I was saying right before Justin got down here and prayed, it’s Mitch and Melinda’s turn to pick a family to come for tomorrow,” Elizabeth Carter said. 
             Andi piled eggs on her plate and drank her milk.
            “Foster’s!” Melinda shouted.
             At least she isn’t inviting Jeffery Sullivan! Andi said to herself.
            “Wilson’s,” Mitch said.
            “Really, Mitch please, not them!” Andi shouted. 
             Mitch patted her on the back. “Sorry sis. I can’t let you sweet talk to me every time.” Mitch smiled at her.
            “Kate, Aunt Rebecca, Levi, Betsy, and Hannah will be here too,” Mother said.
            “You will need to make sure you play with Johnny, Levi, and Virginia. Betsy might want to play with you too,” Elizabeth said. “Next year can be your turn.”
            “Finally!” Andi grinned. 
             Mother smiled. “You can also have Rosa come over. You two can make some pies and right now you can go get a watermelon each and bring them inside to put in the ice box for tomorrow.” Mother told Andi.  
            At least one friend! Andi happily thought. 
            Mitch, Melinda, and Justin went into town for either work or to invite the families.
            Andi and Rosa got two watermelons and baked some pies. “This will be good!” Andi giggled at the flour on Rosa’s nose.
            “Yes, especially since best friends made them.” Rosa giggled at the flour on Andi’s nose. Then they wiped off the flour on them.
            “I can’t wait until tomorrow!” They both said at the same time.
          That evening all Kate’s family (excluding Troy) came. So did Aunt Rebecca. Levi and Andi had some horse races. Then they had to set up the picnic tables for the next day. That night Levi and Andi played checkers.
            “Morning!” Levi hollered in Andi’s ears at 6:30 in the morning. Betsy and Hannah jumped on the bed, flopping Andi around.
            “I’ll get up and dressed if you get out.” Andi moaned, shooing them out.
            The four early birds made their way down to the table for an extra early breakfast that morning. Then they helped set up the rest of the stuff for the party that night. They all went to the parade in town. Andi waved 'hi' to Cory and Levi hid from Jacob Powers, who happened to be standing next to them while watching the parade.
            “Jacob, do you remember Levi?”
            “Yes!” Jacob said and ran off on a dead run.
            “Thanks, Andi. Now I can watch the rest of the parade in peace.” Levi grinned up at Andi.
            “You!” Andi shoved him, and he almost bumped into aunt Rebecca.
            “Whoops!” They giggled then Elizabeth frowned at them.
            They kept quiet and didn’t push the rest of the parade. Levi horse-raced some of the older town boys. Andi so wanted to but she restrained herself and helped out with Hannah and Betsy and took them to see Cory’s sisters.
            Then they ate a light lunch and finished setting up.
            “Hi, Grace! I haven’t seen you in hours!” Melinda hugged Grace.
            Andi said 'hi' to Virginia and her teacher. Johnny walked in and actually used manners. Andi thought it was probably because his father and the schoolteacher were right next to him. 
            Maybe it is a good thing that Melinda invited the Foster’s, Andi thought. Since Virginia had gotten better at riding, Levi, Andi, Virginia, Rosa, and mean Johnny went riding. 
           Virginia and Rosa both tied the first race with a big head start. Johnny didn’t win a single race because they all got a head start but since Johnny was older he didn’t get a head start. 
           They all ate watermelon. Johnny kept spitting the seeds on the girls until Levi punched him in the nose. All of the girls congratulated Levi while the ladies scolded him. Johnny just turned red and they all laughed at him. 
           Chad let Johnny light the least dangerous firecrackers while everyone watched the sky light up. Andi ate three pieces of pie and lots of ice cream. Everyone agreed that the pies were the best that anyone had ever eaten.
            “Wow! Look at that one.” Everyone shouted when the firecrackers shot through the air.
            “It’s so pretty.”
            “It’s too loud for my delicate ears!” screamed Aunt Rebecca, running more walking to the house with sleepy Hannah.
            When it was time for the Wilson’s to leave Johnny was told to say thank-you.
            “Thanks.” He looked at the ground. Then all of the sudden he jumped on top of Levi. Andi, Virginia, and Rosa, all jumped on top of Johnny and held him down.
            Levi threw his pie in Johnny’s face and then they all ran and hide while Johnny screamed like a girl.
            “Johnny! Tell Mrs. Carter sorry for wasting her pie.”
            “Sorry,” Johnny mumbled.
            “Actually, Andrea made the pie,” Mrs. Carter said.
            “Ew!” Johnny yelled and wiped his face in the grass. 
             All the girls and Levi burst into laughter. Johnny was about to jump on them but Peter Wilson grabbed his arm and led him to their rig.
            “Maybe it was a good evening!” Andi said.
            “Hopefully he doesn’t stay mad at us forever!” Virginia said.
            “If he does we might be the ones with bloody noses,” Rosa said very sincerely. They all frowned.
            “Maybe living with a bossy aunt is better,” Levi said.
            “What did you say?” said a voice from above. It was Aunt Rebecca. They all ran off giggling.              “Andi did you have fun?” asked Mother later.
            “Yes, being mean to Joh--- I mean being with friends and having fun riding horses was great fun!”
            “Good!” Mother said.
Happy Birthday, America!


  1. happy 4th everyone!!

  2. Great Story! Happy Independence Day everyone!! :-D

    -Sarah Beth-

  3. Awesome story!!!!!! Happy 4th;-)

  4. happy 4 of July, my brother got engaged last night:) in San Francisco right before the BIG fireworks:P

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  6. Yes!!! We are on our way. Will you be there?

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