Sunday, June 1, 2014

May's Circle C Beginnings Trivia Answers and Winner

Congratulations! The winner of the Circle C Beginnings Trivia Quiz this month is RAYANNA. A number of entries got all of the answers right, so I used to choose the winner.

Rayana, please send me your mailing address in the Blogger Contact Form on the sidebar or by emailing me at susankmarlow [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Here are the answers:
1. What is the name of Andi's friend, who lives on the ranch? Riley
2. Baby Taffy's mother is named ________________. Snowflake
3. What is the name of Andi's slowpoke pony? Coco
4. In Andi's Indian Summer, who or what makes the snapping and crackling noises that scared Andi and Riley? Two Indian boys
5. Who is the unwelcome visitor in Andi's Circle C Christmas? Aunt Rebecca
6. Riley wins a third-place ribbon in Andi's Fair Surprise for taking what to the fair?  Henry, the mean rooster
7. What does Andi try to win at the ring-toss game at the fair? a cowboy hat with a red feather
8. Who would not let Andi take her new lamb home to the ranch? Chad
9. In Andi's Scary School Days, Andi meets Cory for the first time. What does he throw on Andi's desk? a dead fly
10. What is the name of the lizard Cory gives Andi at school? Pickles
11. Who makes Andi come down from the tree in Scary School Days? Justin
12. What is the name of Riley's horse? Midnight
13. What is the name of the dime novel Riley reads to Andi in Indian Summer? The Indian Captive
14. Which dog does Riley lasso in Lonely Little Foal? King
15. Which dog does Andi try unsuccessfully to lasso in Fair Surprise? Duke


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