Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Trivia Answers and Winners

horse mini-notebook and pen
Congratulations to Adahmariyah Kelly. You are the winner of the Family Secret Trivia Contest! Please send me your mailing address either by the Blogger Contact Form or by replying to the email I sent you, so I can send you your prize.

Here are the answers to the June contest. Thanks for playing!
1. What is Betsy's real name? Elizabeth
2. How old is Hannah? 3 years old
3. What is the name of the old "ghost" town on the banks of the San Joaquin River? Millerton
4. How old is Katherine in this book? 25 years old
5. Give the two names Andi's new and unwanted brother-in-law goes by.  T.J. Silver or Troy Swanson
6. How many marbles did Levi steal from Jacob Powers? 3 marbles
7. How old was Katherine when she left home? 15 years old
8. What is the name of Hannah's doll? Tessie
9. What is the name of the foreman of the Circle C ranch? Sid McCoy
10. Who rescues Andi from nearly drowning in the flooding creek?  Troy (T.J.)
11. What did Andi give Hannah to keep her from crying when her father took her away? her locket (necklace)
12. When Andi ran upstairs to change out of her muddy overalls, who caught her and swung her around? her brother Mitch
13. Who goes to San Francisco for 2 weeks? Katherine and Mother (Elizabeth)
14. What is the name of Levi's horse? Patches
15. What are the names of the 2 bear cubs in the story Andi tells Betsy during the thunderstorm? Cuffy and Jasper



  1. Congratulations Adahmariyah, good job on getting all the answers right.

  2. Congratulations, Adahmariyah

  3. Does Andi write with her left or right hand??

  4. Great job on the answers! Can't wait for the next trivia! :)


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