Friday, June 27, 2014

A Split Skirt for Riding

Audrey wants to see a picture of the type of split skirt I might have worn in the late 1800s to go riding. Here are a few of my favorites: When they are worn, you can't hardly tell that they are NOT a real skirt. It's a mystery to me why some folks (like Aunt Rebecca) call them "shockingly immodest." They aren't immodest at all!

I got Melinda to model her split riding skirt for you! If you didn't know it was a split skirt, you'd probably think it was a skirt! 


  1. How cool!!!! Have any of you ever watched Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman????
    The main character has a REALLY cool split skirt:-)

  2. I've watched it, love split skirts! :D
    Actually, me and my two sisters have split riding skirts! We made them ourselves! They look like the blue one, just without the fancy buttons. :)

  3. Kind of like the old "coolots"? *smile* Do you purchase these or make them? Have a great day and thanks for sharing your split skirts with us. *smile* Sincerley, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  4. Yes, Mommy of Blessings, I (the author) used to make and wear coulotes (I have no idea how to spell it, LOL) when I was in jr high and high school.

    the ones I found for "Andi" (in answer to Audrey's question) I found on Google Images. *smile*

    I think they are also called "gauchos."

    Mine were short, above the knees even (yeah, back in the 70s when everything was short.)

  5. I actually have a riding "habit" like the one Melinda is wearing. My great-grandmother made it, and I actually wear them quite a bit!

  6. I have a friend you has one of those. Did you ever post the winner of the June trivia contest?


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