Friday, February 7, 2014

Taffy and Patches . . . aka Star and Dixie

Taffy is in the middle; Patches is on the right. Looks like they're having fun!

Mary wanted to know how Taffy (Star) is doing. I wrote to my friend Vicki, who owns Star (and Dixie, who is Patches on the cover of Family Secret), and she had a nice update on our friends: 

Vicki's favorite picture of Star (Taffy)

Both horses are doing great! Star (Taffy) is 24 years old and getting up there in age. If you remember, Star is a gelding (Taffy is a mare). He's a lesson horse for an 8 yr. old girl named Maggie. He is a penning horse for a 11 yr. old girl who's horse is lame. She will use him the rest of the year. My niece used Star for penning for a few shows, and they won a buckle and several checks! They point Star at the right cow, and he does the rest of the work of getting it out of the herd and putting it in the pen. My granddaugter is learning to ride Star, and Janie (Vicki's) 60+ yr. old friend still does light riding on him.

Taffy (Star) and rider "penning" calves. Go Taffy!

Dixie (Patches) is 14 years old. In the book, Patches is a gelding, but Dixie is a mare! She still thinks she's the princess and should be fed first and doted on with carrots and lots of brushing and grooming. She is a trail horse and took many people through the forests on Whidbey Island (in the Puget Sound in WA state). Dixie is a favorite because of her beautiful coloring and quiet, sweet manner. Right now she's at home, and I use her for trails and arena riding.  
Dixie (Patches) frolicking in the pasture
Thank you, Vicki Freichs, for sharing with us!



  1. I'm enjoying these trivia posts. :) They also don't take as long to read as a story. :) Not that I mind stories. ;)

  2. A agree Rebekah it is nice to take a brake from the story's. I do enjoy them a lot though :-)

  3. Um...The one of Dixie frolicking, isn't real. The horse is pasted there...But this is a cool post none the less! :)

    1. It is isn't it hehehehehehe!!!

  4. Thanks for letting us know how the horses are doing! :) It was fun reading about them!


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