Friday, May 16, 2014

Pistols, Anyone?

Pistols galore!
These are my brothers favorite pages in the mail-order catalog. And there are pages and pages of them! Every size and all quite reasonable. Simply order by mail and the pistol of your choice is delivered quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price, like $12.00.

I think I'd like one of the smaller size revolvers on the next page below. The trouble is, nobody in my family is going to trust me with a pistol until I learn to shoot better. I am a lousy shot--the worst in the family!

These are the small size . . . just right to fit into a lady's reticule!
If you only knew how many times Chad has tried to teach me to shoot, well . . . it makes me shudder to think how the lessons always end in a huge argument. "I need a different teacher!" I usually holler. "I need a different student!" Chad yells back. I think he's embarrassed that a Carter can't shoot. Even Melinda shoots better than I can, and my mother is a crack shot. I saw her shoot a rattlesnake once. My eyes nearly popped out of my head at that.  



  1. Well, you know, Andi, if you have a pistol that you carried with you, no one would know if it wasn't ever loaded. Or that you couldn't shoot straight with it. ;)
    The first time I ever shot a handgun, I forgot to aim. :P I got better after that. :)

  2. Wow. It's hard to imagine your mother and Melinda shooting a gun!
    ~ JT

  3. I believe Elizabeth would be great at shooting guns but Melinda is better shot than Andi??? That was surprising. I'm sure you'll get better Andi :-)

  4. :) Well, I must say I like the guns MUCH better than the shoes!! :P I'd probably choose one of the smaller ones too. My dad has taken me out to a gun range before and I've always had more fun shooting the pistols.
    @ "Andi": Who was the best shot in your family? One of your brothers?

    1. Chad's the best shot. He wins the shooting match at the State Fair every year. Mitch is the best rider with the fastest horse. What can i do? Well, I lasso pretty well. I can out-lasso any cowhand on the ranch, but I can't out-lasso my brothers!

    2. I kind of guessed that, but I wanted to know for sure...future fan fiction maybe... :)

    3. Funny thing is that in my family, I'm one of the best shots other than my Dad. And I'm a girl. And I'm left handed! I also am the second best baseball pitcher, which is rather odd. I think it's because Dad wanted to make sure one of his children could pitch and throw and hit targets, so he taught me at a young age! :)
      Don't worry Andi, you'll get the hang of it soon. Just keep practicing!

      -Calamity Rene
      You'll get the hang of it Andi,

  5. Yes, there are a few things about Melinda that I never would have guessed! She doesn't flaunt it though. She's better than I am. I need more practice!


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