Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Shoes, Anybody?

Which pair of shoes would you order? I call this "Western Foot Binding"!
Mother brought out the mail-order catalog the other day and said that if I didn't like anything at Billings Shoe store in town that maybe I would find something here. I looked hard, but I could not find one decent pair of cowboy boots. Mother frowned and said we weren't looking for work boots but Sunday shoes. Oh, right.

I gasped in horror at the picture of the lady's black shoe in the lower right-hand corner. All of my toes would get squished if I wore something like that. Have you ever seen such pointy toes? The knee-high, lace-up shoe above isn't much better.

Left: normal feet; Right: deformed, "bound" feet
Both shoes remind me of the tragic story I heard in Sunday school the other week about how the Chinese people bind their little daughters' feet so they can have tiny, "ladylike" feet. This is the way to make daughters socially acceptable and "marriageable" in China in the 1880s. Kind of like "binding" American girls in horrible corsets. Or tight-fitting shoes.

Look at her tiny feet!



  1. Aw, that is so sad! :(
    Those poor girls!! D:
    I've actually worn a corset, quite a bit actually, and they aren't all that horrible. (but boy, they do hurt if you tighten them too much!)

  2. Ugh, those shoes are awful! Isn't it strange what people will do just for the sake of "looking beautiful"?

  3. Aw, poor girls! :-(
    ~ JT

  4. OH wow!!!!!! poor girls.:[

  5. Just be happy with the way God made you...stop trying to "look beautiful". Girls are still doing it's so sad that they can't be content with the way God created them.

  6. I agree! When I here about some social "rule" I often ask myself "who made that rule?" If it's not a principle in Scripture that is clearly laid out then I believe we have freedom to become what God intended even if it raises social eyebrows. The pressure to conform to the world's view is just as strong today as ever. Mrs. M would have been considered a serious social rebel back in the "day." Comfort and practicality would trump fashion any day of the week!

  7. That's craaaaaaazy!!!!
    I too like the cowboy boots much better!!!


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