Saturday, May 24, 2014

May's Trivia Quiz: Circle C Beginnings

Here we go again!
By popular request, May's Trivia Quiz comes from the Circle C Beginnings. Not one specific book, but a mixture of them all (because all of them together are about the length of one of the Circle C Adventures. They are very short). Let's see how many of these questions you can answer. Email your answers to me via the "Email Andi Your Questions and Stories" contact form on the right sidebar or by emailing me at susankmarlow [at] gmail [dot] com.  
NOTE: If you do not receive a "Got it!" reply from me, it means I didn't get it and you should try again.
Don't forget: Do NOT post your answers in the comments.

You have through next Friday, May 30, to send me your answers. (Please number them so it is easier to score.) On Sunday (I'll be at the Rochester, NY, homeschool covention all day Saturday), I will post the correct answers and randomly draw ONE WINNER from the correct entries I received. If no one gets 100% right, I will draw from the closest winners. I will announce the winner on the blog. The winner will need to reply via the Contact Form with a mailing address so I can send the prize, which will be when I come across a post office on my travels.

May's Trivia Contest Prize
This month's prize is a Circle C pin you can wear, a pen, a bookmark, and a little horse on elastic string to keep your CCA or CCB books together. I'm also throwing in a vial of real gold just for fun. 

Reminder: Every answer can be found by reading the Circle C Beginnings stories. You may look them all up if you want to. Probably many of you can get the answers right by taking a good guess, since Andi is still Andi, no matter which books she's having adventures in.  I made this trivia quiz easy so younger readers can have a chance to win this month. :-)

1. What is the name of Andi's friend, who lives on the ranch?
2. Baby Taffy's mother is named ________________.
3. What is the name of Andi's slowpoke pony?
4. In Andi's Indian Summer, who or what makes the snapping and crackling noises that scared Andi and Riley?
5. Who is the unwelcome visitor in Andi's Circle C Christmas?
6. Riley wins a third-place ribbon in Andi's Fair Surprise for taking what to the fair?
7. What does Andi try to win at the ring-toss game at the fair?
8. Who would not let Andi take her new lamb home to the ranch?
9. In Andi's Scary School Days, Andi meets Cory for the first time. What does he throw on Andi's desk?
10. What is the name of the lizard Cory gave Andi at school?
11. Who makes Andi come down from the tree in Scary School Days?
12. What is the name of Riley's horse?
13. What is the name of the dime novel Riley reads to Andi in Indian Summer?
14. Which dog does Riley lasso in Lonely Little Foal?
15. Which dog does Andi try unsuccessfully to lasso in Fair Surprise?

Next month, June, the trivia quiz will cover Andrea Carter and the Family Secret, and it will be a lot harder than this one.



  1. What if I don't have the Circle C Beginnings?

    1. I don't know! I had a request to do a Trivia Quiz for the CCBeginnings, but who knows if anybody will enter! I know the younger readers don't usually go on blogs. But I thought I'd give it a try. If it's a bust, well, I'll use the prize for next month's quiz. :-)


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