Friday, May 2, 2014

Photo Fridays: Circle C Animals Part 3

I had no idea this would turn into such a long series of posts about animals--the good, the bad, and the ugly. Go HERE for Part 1.

Now that I've covered the two main animal types on the Circle C, it's time to tell you about the rest of our ranch, of which there are plenty, Some are my favorite (the good) and have names; some I don't like at all (the bad) and might have names, and some I ignore (the ugly), and definitely do not have names. Pictures will help.
Riley and I with King
Prince, the cow dog
Lassoing Duke
I like our ranch dogs--Duke, Prince, and King--much better than I did as a little girl. Duke, a yellow lab-cross dog, always knocked me down, but he and King, a black-mix were always patient when we practiced lassoing them. Prince is a collie/aussie and a pretty good "cow" dog. He's got the most energy of the three.

Scooter with her latest litter
I love to climb up to the hayloft above the large barn and play with the barn kittens. Scooter, Ruby, and Scruff are names of some of the cats. I can't keep up with the kittens, so they don't have names. It's fun to watch Hank milk the cows and share the milk with the cats.

Miss Cluck sharing loft space with the cats
That about covers the "good" animals. I suppose I have a few favorite hens, like Miss Cluck, who once set a nest up in the loft. It got kind of tricky when she hatched her chicks. I was pretty little, and I was so scared the chicks would fall off and get crushed that I cried. Mitch climbed up and moved Miss Cluck and her dozen chicks to a safe place. You should have heard her "cluck" at him. She really gave him a piece of her mind!

He looks nicer than he is

Now, on to the "bad" animals on the Circle C ranch. Henry the Eighth tops the list. That mean old rooster scared me at age six, when he was a young cock, and he still scares me at age fourteen! Only, now I can wield the stick better. He's nine years old. I had no idea a rooster could live that long. He's too mean to die.

Looks mean, doesn't he?
While Prince Reginald is a pretty good bull, there's one who is meaner than anything. The hands call him Diablo, which means "devil" in Spanish. I don't call him anything. I stay away from him, just like I stay away from Reggie. But where Reginald might ignore me if I ignore him, Diablo goes out of his way to charge anybody who goes near him. I think he should be shot.

The "ugly" are not deserving of names, and although I don't like these critters and try to stay downwind of them, I do like bacon, sausage, and ham. So do my brothers, so we have a few hogs. Enough said about them.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of animal life on the Circle C ranch.


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  1. I love your animals! My dog would never let me rope her...
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