Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Trivia Quiz Answers and Winner

April Trivia Prize
Congratulations to Bethany, this month's Trivia Contest Winner! To distinguish between the Bethanys on this blog, it is the Bethany who has this partial email address: stelzl

I hope you know who you are! Please send your address ASAP. I have the book in the envelope, and I will mail it Monday if you contact me by then.

Here are the answers to April's Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision's trivia questions: (We had a number of "ties," so I randomly drew a name from all of the entries who answered the questions correctly.)

1. Who did Jed Hatton supposedly kill?  Mr. Slater
2. What is the name and color of Cory's horse? Flash; color is chestnut
3. What is Mr. Foster's first name?  Gerald
4. What is the name of Virginia's older sister?   Grace (or Gracie)
5. Jed's escape was exciting news! Nearly as exciting as the gold nugget Frank Williams found. Where did he find it?  Coarse Gold Gulch
6. How many men showed up to rescue Andi?  6
7. When Andi nearly trampled the new schoolmaster, who did the whole town actually think did it? Zeke and Sadie Hollister
8. Name the town's newspaper. Fresno Weekly Expositor (or the Expositor)

9. What was the prize Jack offered for winning the match race? a dime's worth of goods from his father's store
10. What color are Andi's eyes? blue
11. What did Andi offer to do to get out of going to school the first day? peel hundreds of apples (or put up the fall harvest)
12. How many students are in Andi's class at school?  41 (40 + Virginia)
13. What did Andi break when she played baseball?  the schoolroom window
14. What is the name of the horse Virginia tried to ride?  Pal
15. Who rescued Andi from being thrashed by the teacher?  Chad

In May, due to a request, I will put on a Circle C Beginnings trivia contest. I'm thinking up a fun prize. Thanks, everyone, for playing! I hope you had fun, and I wish you could all win the prize, especially those who worked so hard to find the answer to #12. I'm lucky. I have a "find" feature on the old manuscript so I can find the answers fast. *smile*
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  1. Congrats Bethany! Enjoy the book! :)

  2. Congratulations! =D Looks like we tied, so congrats on being drawn as the winner! =)

  3. Thanks everyone, and good job getting all the answers right Megs.

  4. Congrats Bethany! We both tied! Enjoy the book!


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