Saturday, April 19, 2014

Off the Grid

"Andi" has not posted much this week because her ghost writer (i.e. me) fell off the Internet grid Wednesday through Friday. Andi gave me permission to explain, if you're interested in knowing what I was up to.
Monday: discover my sister in Kansas City has no one to help her drive across the country to Washington to orient for her new nursing job (mom/baby) in Bellingham. Must leave her kids and be gone a month. I offer to fly out and help her drive back. I buy plane ticket.
Tuesday: My hubby drives me 6 hours to the West side and drops me off at my daughter's (the one with the 8 kids).
Wednesday: I leave for SeaTac at 3:45 am with my DD's husband, who is flying to Florida at 6 am, same as me. Fly to Kansas City; Holly picks me up; we hit the road and make it to North Platte, Nebraska.
The reason we drive quickly through Wyoming!
Thursday: We drive quickly through the rest of Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and end up in Twin Falls, Idaho.
Friday: We drive through the rest of Idaho, Oregon, and cross the Columbia River into Washington. Home. Tired.

Welcome to Washington: home sweet home!
This is why there have been no posts. Andi forgives me. Will you? 

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  1. Wow!!! Sounds like quite a week!!! :-) Of course we forgive you!!!! Glad you got back safely!!!

  2. Yikes! Busy busy!
    Sounds a bit like my week! I'm in the Easter play at my church and me and my dad have been there a lot!

  3. Sounds hectic...Glad you're back! And a Happy Easter Weekend to you all! :)

  4. We had a busy day today. I gave pony rides at our church for Easter. Of course we forgive you, you need a break- although it sounds like you didn't really
    get one:(

  5. My my and I thought my week was busy!!!! Lol
    Happy EASTER everyone!!!!!;-)

  6. Of course we forgive you!
    Glad you got back safely! =D
    Happy Resurrection Sunday tomorrow everyone!

  7. We forgive you! :-)
    Happy Easter eve!
    ~ JT

  8. I was busy trying to catch up on things myself so didn't really notice. :P But glad to hear you're back safe and sound. Sometimes you just have to put the blogging world on pause while you tend to other matters. :)

  9. Sounds like you had a busy week!!! I'm glad your back at your home safe and sound! Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone!! :)

    -Sarah Beth-

  10. Wow, you had a busy week! Glad you got back safely ;)
    And of course we forgive you!

  11. Yes I and we forgive you!! I'm glad you got there and back safely!! Thank you for telling us about Trevor Trekkers blog!! The 4T right?



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