Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo Friday: Circle C Animal Favorites Part 1

First off, my favorite animal and best friend is Taffy (like you couldn't guess?). She's out of Caesar, a gorgeous chestnut (my father's horse), and Snowflake, who used to be my sister Katherine's horse before Kate up and left.
Snowflake and baby Taffy

I like all our other horses too. Some are saddle horses only, like Misty (my mother's horse), Snowflake, Pal, Jingo, and a few others. But others are cutting horses, like Chad's horse Sky, Mitch's horse Chase, Thunderbolt (Justin's horse), and most of the working horses on the ranch.

Chad teaching Taffy "the ropes" of being a cow pony
Taffy started out as a saddle horse, but she has a cow pony's "heart." It was easy to teach her to cut out calves and do other ranch jobs. She can stop on a dime and knows how to save her knees by putting her weight on her hind legs. Chad's always been real particular about me not doing the rougher ranch jobs, but since I've gotten older, he recognizes that I can rope and ride better than some of his younger hands. He helped me train Taffy a couple of years ago.

Rounded-up horses waiting to be picked.
Most of Circle C horses are allowed to run free all winter. They're rounded up in the spring for the bulk of the ranch work. The hands pick a string of horses (about 3 or 4) that will be theirs all season. Some of the hands who work for us ride in on their own horse, but the rest of the string belongs to the Circle C, and the cowhands just use them. The next season they might pick a different string. It's a lot of fun to watch the hands rope their choices. The horses know they're coming and they go round and round the corral, trying to avoid the rope.

I wanted a string too, but Chad told me I wouldn't be working enough to need a string of anything, much less a bunch of extra horses. He said Taffy would be sufficient for the little tasks he had planned for me.

Isn't he a beauty?
My other favorite horse is Sebastian. He's a showy liver chestnut stallion with great conformation, lots of stamina, and Chad's pride and joy. Out of all the breeding stock on our ranch, he said Sebastian would be a good match for Taffy. And he was! For all the details on the match, you'll have to wait and read the first three chapters of Thick as Thieves (for those who don't already know the outcome). When the book comes out, I'll have a lot more to say about Taffy and Sebastian's offspring.

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  1. How fun. I enjoyed this post.

  2. This is fun! When will you post part 2?

  3. Oo! I like them! I can't wait until I read "Thick as Thieves"!


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