Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Horse Names?

This is embarrassing. I need a name for a yearling paint horse, formerly named "Prince." I just have too many "Princes" in my books. Grrrr. (even one of the dogs in the CCB is named Prince). I don't want to go look for that gigantic "horse names" list you all threw down months ago. How about some names and I can choose one so I can finish my revisions and get this book sent back to the publisher next week!!!

Personality: This fellow is by nature a leader. Indeed, he is the unspoken "go to" guy for the dozen or so yearlings (and weanlings)  that make up the small herd. He's the oldest and very demanding. If Andi wants to work with her colts, this fellow must first have his head scratch and his share of the attention. After that he's fine with going his own way. This trait comes in later, when Andi must depend on this fellow to lead the other colts somewhere. So all she has to do is lasso this yearling and the others will do his bidding. Hopefully that will help with the name!


  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has trouble naming the horses in her stories. :) I've also asked some of my fans and have gotten some great ideas. One name has even inspired a new idea just because of his name. :) But you'll have to wait until Triple Creek Ranch Book 4 to read about that. ;)

    I like Rebekah's suggestions of Gypsy.

  2. Gypsy sounds good to me! Even though the Gypsy Vanner breed of horse wasn't officially documented until 1996, Gypsy is the perfect name for a paint horse in that time period. :D

    -Calamity Rene

  3. Gypsy is a really mystical kind of name. I love it!
    Mrs.M, could you tell us it's personality it? It might be easier to find a name.
    ~ JT

    1. I'll add it to the post, so go back up there and read it . . . :-)

  4. I like Spy! Also maybe Mischief or Bandit?

  5. How about Javy Marly, Hunter or Bo thats all I can think of on the top of my head :)

  6. How about Black Cloud? I love that name.

  7. Possible names are Flint, Chief and Apache?

  8. Chip, Scout, Dike, Barney, Duke, Peppy or Pep, Dane, Joe and Ben are a few I came up with. :)

  9. Chief, General, Warrior, Nero, or anything " big". Thanks for putting the personality in the post!
    ~ JT

  10. I like
    Barq( it means lightning in Arabic)
    I like Gypsy too;-)

  11. Hmmm, maybe Wildfire, Chaser or Spirit?

  12. Thank you all! Via email and through comments, it seems that Apache is the favored name, so I'm going with that! :-)

  13. I had a neighbor who had a horse with that kind of attitude named Piper, and a paint horse named Apache. I also like the name Shiloh.

  14. Cody
    Jigsaw (Maybe cause he's a paint)
    Captain (Though that sounds more like a wise old horse's name)
    Bruno (Sounds like a dog name, but I thought I'd suggest it anyway!)

    Just some names I thought up on the spot! :-) Hope you find a name you like soon, Mrs. Marlow! :-)

    -Sarah Beth-

  15. Firestar
    Hope you find the right name u want for him!!!!!
    Shelby ;D

  16. Warrior, Stormy, Whirlwind?

  17. I like Thunder, Sky, and Trigger


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