Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Aunt Rebecca's Visit Part 3 . . . by Rebekah E.

Moving right along . . . 

Part 3
 It was Levi! But not the Levi that she had been on an adventure with. He was only a little boy then. This Levi was probably taller than she was! Andi quickly sank to her knees and took some water from Taffy’s trough, splashing him with it.
He spluttered and opened his eyes, blinking a few times. “W-what happened?” he asked.
Andi sighed in relief. “Well, I thought you were trying to kidnap me or something, so I put up a fight. I didn’t know it was you.”
Levi grinned weakly. “I’m glad I wasn’t trying to kidnap you!” he said. “I would have regretted it the rest of my life.”
Andi helped him to his feet and steadied him as he almost fainted again. “Where did you learn how to fight?” he asked, grimacing as he rubbed his jaw. “I’m going to be really sore there for a while.”
Andi laughed. “First of all, I have three brothers, and secondly, I have Cory Blake for a friend.” She paused and contemplated her nephew. “So…why are you here?”
Levi grinned smugly. “I’m escaping school!” he declared.
Andi’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Escaping school! How?”
His grin widened. “I disguised myself and rode up with the stagecoach driver; he’s a friend of mine now.”
Andi was impressed. “Nicely done! I wish I had thought of that, although…” she reconsidered the matter, “You don’t have three older brothers that could tan your hide if they ever caught you.”
“That’s true, but I do have three uncles who could. Do you have a place to hide?”
Andi thought hard for a minute. “Well, you could sleep in the barn loft,” she said finally.
Levi chewed on his lip. “Do your brothers ever go up there?”
“Only sometimes. Instead of the loft, I know of a secret shack Cory and I found earlier this summer you could live in for a while.”
Levi’s eyes lit up with hope. “Cory won’t tell on me will he?”
Andi shook her head, confident in her best friend. “No, I’m positive he won’t.”
Levi gave a quick nod. “Show me this shack then. Anything is better than school!”
Andi laughed and the two of them crept across the fields. On the way, Levi filled Andi in on all the happenings of their family from his point of view. Andi listened eagerly.
“So, exactly how old are you now?” she asked when Levi stopped his narrative for a breath of air.
Levi stood tall. “I’ll be fourteen in three months.”
Andi gave a whistle. “I didn’t know it had been that long!” she exclaimed.
Levi laughed. “Yeah, it seemed really long to me, but that might just be because I have to live the last four years all proper and prim with Aunt Rebecca.” He rolled his eyes and groaned, making Andi laugh. “Of course, the girls love it. Aunt Rebecca spoils them, and they behave like perfect angels whenever she’s around. For some reason I’m always the one that gets into trouble in front of her accusing eyes.”
Andi gave Levi a look of sympathy. “That’s what usually happens to me too.”
There was a moment of silence as Andi and Levi concentrated on climbing an especially rocky path. They turned a corner, and Andi stopped suddenly with a smile of satisfaction.
“There you are. The Secret Shack.”



  1. If Levi is 14, how old is Andi! When I read the beginning of this story I thought Andi was 14 or 15 herself. Maybe I just can't remember how much older Andi is than Levi.

    1. I think it came out to be Andi was 17 or 18. I forget how old I finally figured her out to be. :)

  2. I like it! It's pretty exciting too! :)

  3. I thinks Andi is 3 years older than Levi. I'm not quite sure:-) FANTASTIC story Rebecca E. I'm really enjoying your story!!

  4. Well, Andi was twelve when Levi was nine, so, Andi must be 15 or 16, Right???
    This is a GREAT story Rebekah E.!!!!!!!! It is seriously one of the BEST stories!!!!

  5. Great Story! Can't wait to see what happens next! I wonder what would happen if Aunt Rebecca finds out that Levi is also "visiting" ! That was an awesome twist in the plot!

  6. Neat story! Wonder what happens next!

    can animals, Taffy in particular ride a train to San Francisco? Was there a animal part? (can't figure out how to word this) ;)

    1. Yes, cattle and horses rode in the railroad cattle cars. no problem!

  7. Alright! Awesome!! Can't wait to read more.

  8. I love it! A super fun story! And I love how all these writers on this blog are so creative with their lines, instead of pulling out the over-used corny ones! Great job!
    ~ JT


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