Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aunt Rebecca's Visit . . . Conclusion by Rebekah E.

I was wrong. I thought I'd included the conclusion in the last post, but I did not. I found it all in another "draft" post but . . . too late! So, here you go. Short and sweet. Conclusion!
Part 6: conclusion

 A few days went by before the letter came, but the plan went smoothly. Aunt Rebecca left, and although the next few days were very worrisome ones for Andi’s mother, another letter came later on that helped soothe her worries.
             They were all in the parlor, Justin reading quietly, Chad working on a bridle, Mitch carving, Melinda sewing, and Andi trying hard not to seem too interested in the letter. An exclamation of surprise made them all look up from whatever they were doing.
           “What is it, Mother?” Justin asked; the question on every one’s mind.
           Mrs. Carter looked up from the letter with a look of disbelief on her face. “Listen to this!” she exclaimed. “My Dearest Sister: I write to you to let you know that our little Levi is safe. Apparently he got lost in a maze of streets on his way home. He says that a kind family let him in and shared food with him for a few days and then showed him the way home. He arrived almost as soon as I stepped of the coach. I regret to inform you that business here in the city makes it so that I cannot return to you immediately. However, I will endeavor to visit again soon. Your Loving Sister, Rebecca.”
          She looked up. “Well!”
         Andi swallowed a laugh and became extremely focused on her sewing. Her siblings were in quiet shock, but gradually went back to their things, forgetting the letter.
        As soon as she could, Andi escaped to tell Cory. She arrived breathless in town at the livery stable. Cory came out when he heard her call his name.
        “What brings you here?” he asked.
        Andi told the whole story in a few sentences.
        Cory laughed once she finished. “That Levi is a wonderful story teller.”
       Andi frowned. “That is one thing that he hasn’t been cured of quite yet. He still can tell lies with a straight face. I can’t believe him!” She shook her head. “I just wanted you to know soon. But I have to go right back now.”
       Cory was puzzled. “Why?” he asked.
       Andi swung herself onto Taffy. “I need to write my sister a letter!” she yelled over her shoulder.
       Cory grinned and waved.
        Andi went home. She did love her home, but if only her aunt would stay where she belonged and let Andi stay where she belonged: carefree on the Carter Ranch with Taffy.


  1. I didn't think the other part sounded like an ending. This one does. :)

  2. Haha we got two parts in one day! Great job on the story Rebekah =D

  3. Thanks to you all! (and sorry for the confusion, Mrs. Marlow figured it out though, so all's well that ends well, right? :P)

  4. Great story!!!
    Mrs. Marlow I have a question for you: When you finish a book and send it in to the publisher, do you ever feel that the book is done?? Do you ever find a sentence or a paragraph that you think just needs to be re-written? I know I always feel like this with my stories and I was wondering if all writers did.

    1. Oops.. I meant NOT done.

    2. When I turn in a story, I KNOW that my publisher will find a whole bunch of revisions (like they found in the new Andi book, Thick as Thieves.) Worse, every time it gets edited (like 3 times), I always find "just one more thing" I want to change too! LOL

      In fact, you have no idea how much I wish I could rewrite Long Ride Home, my first book! I could do so many more good things with that book if they only would let me. *laughing*

    3. Good story! :)
      I feel the same way you do Anne. When I did my Contest story, I kept re-writing certain parts because they just sounded wrong! ;) (even when they were actually just fine) I guess when your a writer, you want your story to be perfect. because it's your very own. :)

    4. Oh, that is totally what happened to me Mrs. Marlow! With the book I self-published, it was ALWAYS "just one more thing"! :)


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