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Melinda's Twins Part 3 . . . by Ira-Grace

The conclusion . . .

Chapter Three
Davis Baby Two!

"Another baby is on it's way." Melinda paused talking, as another contraction stabbed her with its pain. 
"Oh, where is that doctor! What good is he if he doesn't get out here soon?" Andi murmured, annoyed, as she held Melinda's hand.
It had been nine o'clock when Melinda gave birth to the little boy. At nine thirty she had a little baby girl. 
"And Moses missed it all," Andi murmured. "Not that he missed much. I never want to be a midwife."
Melinda was radiant with her twins.
Andi was anxious that Melinda would start giving birth to another baby, but after fifteen minutes she figured that it was safe to stop worrying. She cleaned up her niece and nephew, sister, room, and then made Melinda some tea.
As Melinda drank the tea, Andi brushed Melinda's hair for her and smiled at the babies. They did look a little  bit cuter now that she had had some time to get used to them. She thought that the girl had Melinda's nose, and the boy had Moses's nose. 
Andi went back to the kitchen just as everyone started arriving. Moses, the doctor, and the doctor's new assistant all burst into the kitchen.      
"You're just in time," Andi said sarcastically. "Melinda has twins, Moses. Where in the world were you all this time?"
Moses immediately grinned and went to see Melinda. The doctor went too, to go see if she was okay. Andi started a kettle to make them all coffee. She noticed the doctor's new assistant watching her. When he caught her eye he smiled self-consciously.
"I'm Richard Dixon, the doctor's assistant."
"Oh." Andi couldn't help but notice how handsome Richard was. He had merry dark brown eyes, a clean cut face, and neatly combed dark brown hair. Andi found herself blushing, and wondering why. She almost wished Richard would stop looking at her.
Why doesn't anyone come and say something----anything? she wondering silently. 
"Are you the midwife around here?" Richard asked. 
Andi realized that she hadn't introduced herself. “I am certainly not a midwife of any kind. I'm Andrea Carter. Everyone who is my friend calls me Andi, and I'm Melinda's sister. I was here to help her, and ended up having to help her with the twins. What takes doctors so long when you want to have them there?"
"Oh, I don't know," Richard said absently. As if he realized that he needed to start talking about something, he asked suddenly, "So, what are the twins like?"
"Well, there's two of them." Andi suddenly blushed. What else could I say that would sound more stupid than that? 
Andi could see that Richard was  chocking back laughter as he politely said, "Well, that is good."
"Go ahead----laugh," Andi said, laughing herself. "I don't know why I said that. There are two of them, though! The first was a boy, and the second a girl. They have bits and pieces of their parents looks in them, I think.”

"Andi, I was wondering. Will it offend you if we name the baby boy 'Andrew' after you?" Melinda asked sweetly two days after the babies were born.
"Certainly not! I think a little nephew named Andrew would be wonderful! What will you name the girl?"
"Moses and I decided on Pearl Hope for her. Andrew Moses and Pearl Hope."

"Oh, aren't they adorable!" Rachel exclaimed.
Andi smiled. She was, by this point, thinking that the twins were the sweetest babies ever born yet. 
"Yes. Little Pearl looks just like Melinda did when she was a baby," Mrs. Carter said. 
The whole family had come out to visit Melinda, Moses, Andrew, and Pearl. Andi was glad to see that Mitch had managed to take care of the kids, although Hannah told her a long story about how much of a mess Mitch had made in the kitchen when trying to make pancakes. "You do it lots neater, Andi."
Even Rachel and Mrs. Carter had been able to come. Chad had taken the day to come visit, as he figured the ranch hands would  be able to cope a day without him.
"Andi did a wonderful job mid-wifeing," Melinda said.
"Andi, would you like to be my  midwife?" Rachel said.
Andi shook her head no violently, and everyone laughed.




  1. Very good Ira-Grace! I enjoyed it very much. :)

  2. I loved the story! It was so realistic!
    ~ JT

  3. Cute story so realistic too!

  4. This was such a cute story! And, like Grace said, it was very realistic! Great job, Ira Grace :)

  5. Just curious, why was Mitch living on another ranch?

  6. Great ending! :) "There are two of them" lol! :)

  7. Hahah that was funny! I like how she said, Go head, laugh. lol that was my favorite part:D


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