Saturday, January 25, 2014

Melinda's Twins Part 2 . . . by Ira-Grace

And the plot thickens . . .

Chapter Two
A New Little Davis
Andi felt fear rise to her throat and her heart beat fast when she saw Melinda's face. Sweat moistened Melinda's face, and she was groaning. 
"Melinda!" Andi finally found her tongue. "What..?
"Andi, the baby is coming," Melinda said, her face contorting in pain. 
"It can’t be," Andi protested. "Moses is way out in the fields, and..."
"The baby doesn't care," snapped Melinda. "Its on its way."
"Alright," Andi said, trying to collect her senses and regain control on her thoughts, emotions, and the situation. "You go lie down. I'll get a ranch hand to go for the doctor, and another one for Moses. I'll get some hot water and stuff."
Andrea ran out into the yard.  "Hey, anybody! Is there anybody around?" 
Two ranch hands popped out of the barn. "Can i help you, Miss Andi?" he asked.
"Yes. One of you go for Moses. The other, please go get the doctor from town. Tell them both Melinda's baby is on the way.” 
In a moment, both men had mounted some horses and were galloping to their destinations. Andrea turned around and went back to Melinda.

"Can't you wait to have the baby 'til someone arrives?" 
"No." It was all Melinda said, but Andi knew she was right. Melinda was covered in more sweat than a horse after racing a mile in the hot Californian summer months. And the baby was eager to meet the world, not what Andi thought. 
So Andi got ready to meet the baby. She scrubbed her arms with boiling water. She burnt herself, but couldn't have cared less. She was wondering what else to do. She had seen Chad help horses, cattle, and even a dog give birth, but that was just animals, no matter how much Andi loved them. 
"Help me!" Melinda yelled.
Andi suddenly swung into action, like a frenzied racing horse who suddenly realizes what he is doing and steadies down to race with all his might. She put cool clothes on Melinda's head, talked to her as soothingly as she had done when her dear horse Taffy had given birth, and finally grabbed a baby.
"Melinda! You have a baby!" Andi exclaimed. "It's a boy...I think."
Andi gazed at the tiny baby in her hands. He was wrinkled, red, and was screaming loudly. Andi wrapped him up in a blanket and handed him to Melinda who beamed at him. 
"A boy!" Melinda said. "Oh, Andi, isn't he perfectly beautiful?"
Andi wasn't sure about the beautiful side, but she did think he looked to be close to as to perfect as a baby could be. A new nephew! 
Melinda sighed with pleasure. "Won't Moses be elated! A baby boy! His heir! Where is Moses anyway, Andi? My firstborn..." 
Suddenly, Melinda's smile disappeared. She groaned, and her face tightened with pain. 
"What's the matter, Melinda? You have your baby now," Andi said. 
Melinda answered Andi's question with another groan. Then she announced, "Andi, this baby isn't all."
"What do you mean?" Andi asked, though she guessed the answer before Melinda had time to respond. 



  1. Oh my goodnes!!!!!!! You are a fantastic writer Ira Grace:-)

  2. This is getting good :)
    I agree with Janelle, you are a fantastic writer!

  3. How Cute can't wait for the next part!!!!

  4. Great job!!! Can't wait for the next part! :) Two Babies! Andi's going to have so much fun... :)

  5. TWINS!!!!!!!! Hooray for Melinda!!!!! Awesome story...

  6. One down one to go!!!
    Great job Ira-Grace, I can't wait until the next part :)

  7. Melinda has twins!! Woo hoo! Awesome Job Ira-Grace!!!

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    1. I couldn't get it to work for me so I took it down. I will put it back up. Let me know if it works for you, okay? It's a Blogger thing so I have no control over why it works or if it doesn't. I figured if it doesn't work, why have it up there?

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  9. Good job Or Ira-Grace! Poor Andi!
    ~ JT


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