Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meeting the Grant Family Part 6 . . . by Rebekah E.

Part 6 zooming your way!

The moon, after a few minutes of showing its face, drew back into the clouds, and the wood was dark again. Sides heaving, and breath almost used up, Andi threw herself onto the nearest log and sat, resting. Seth let everyone have a rest before speaking.
“Alright, I’m ready to hear your story,” he said in his most big-brother voice. He sounded so much like Justin that Andi let out a giggle. Seth looked at her with an odd expression, so she hurried to explain.
“That’s just how my oldest brother talks when he’s getting ready to scold me, that’s all.” 
Mitch gave a choked cough, but Seth seemed to not hear it. He turned back to Jenny. She swallowed and told Seth how they all got out of the woods safely, but Andi and she couldn’t sleep because they were worried, and then had this great idea, and did it, she concluded with the lantern going out and the decision to yell. 
Seth, after Jenny finished, shook his head.“You two are impossible to predict, but at least the two boys are safe, and you haven’t been lost all this time.” 
Jenny leaned forward eagerly.“It’s your turn now! What happened to you?” 
Seth shrugged. “Nothing much, really.” He turned to Mitch. “Why don’t you tell them our story?” Mitch agreed and began.
“Well, we were walking down the path in a deep discussion over what we wanted to do when we had our own trade, when we found that you had disappeared. Naturally, we were worried that you had gotten lost, so we started looking for you. We didn’t want to just give up and go back, especially since it was getting dark. Just when we began to give up hope and go home, you both yelled for help, Seth yelled back, and we followed your voices to where you were.” He stopped and took a deep breath. Andi sighed happily.
“I must say, I feel a lot safer now that we’re not alone.” Jenny nodded, and there was a moment of silence as they waited for the moon to come out again. It did, and they ran again for a while, making it out of the woods. The path to town was easier to follow, and soon they were safely home again.
Once inside they were greeted by a tearful Mrs. Grant, and a worried Mr. Grant. Jenny and Andi were hugged by Mrs. Grant first, and then scolded.
“Why did you two have to do that? Oh, I am so glad you’re safe, we were almost worried sick. How could you do that to us? I’m so glad you’re back!” They were all sent promptly off to bed, and this time, Jenny and Andi not only fell asleep soundly, but slept heavily until it was well past breakfast.
* * * * *
Andi awoke to the sun streaming through the window, and she blinked several times before remembering where she was and all that happened the day before. She quickly jumped out of bed, slipping back into her clothes, and shook Jenny awake. Jenny was out of bed in a moment, and they both rushed downstairs.
They were greeted by Micah, whistling cheerfully past the bottom of the stairs. He waved at them, and then stopped his tune, halting in front of them.
“So, I hear you had quite an adventure last night.” Andi looked at Jenny, who looked back at her.
“Yes, I guess we did.” she said cautiously. 
Micah sighed. “I wish I could have gone with you.” He shoved his hands into his pocket. “Wake me up next time.” 
Andi caught a twinkle in his eyes, and she grinned. “Maybe, but hopefully there won’t be a next time.” They continued into the dining room, but the only ones there were Mitch and Seth. The two girls sat down, and served themselves cold eggs and bacon. 
Andi forced it down as a punishment to herself, and Jenny did the same, but it ended up a contest to see who could make the most awful grimaces. Jenny and Andi tied, because the judges (Mitch and Seth) were both bias towards their sisters, so both of them thought their sister had the worst face.
Gideon came in at the end of the contest and begged to hear their adventure, so they invented a wild tale that kept him on the edge of his seat, until Mrs. And Mr. Grant came in to take them around town.
The sightseeing was very exciting, and Andi and Mitch got to find out where all the Grant’s favorite places were. The day ended with a picnic on the beach and swimming in the frigid water. Andi could only stand it up to her ankles, but Jenny actually got her whole body (except arms and head) under it. 
Andi nearly froze just thinking about it! Eli, Jenny, and Micah begged her to come out and try just once, but Andi held her ground and stayed up to her ankles.
Once, When Andi wasn’t paying attention, Eli and Micah worked together and dumped a bucket of water over her. Mitch got upset and almost had a fist fight with them, but Andi kept her peace until the two of them were comfortably dry on the beach, sunning themselves on a rock, then she and Mitch got them both with a two bucketful’s of freezing water. They learned a lesson from that day that lasted all two weeks: Don’t mess with the Carters!
Once to Jenny’s home again, it was bed time, and everyone went to bed after a quick “goodnight” from the Grant parents.
Andi fell asleep quickly, dreaming of what would happen the next day.



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