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Meeting the Grant Family Part 2 . . . by Rebekah E.

Here you go, part 2! I could not have described the Grant family better than the author did here.
Oh, and Rebekah E., fearless author of this story, did you get my email? Your Part 5 cuts off and there is no more. Please send the rest of the story or you will have a mutiny on your hands. :-)

The two girls walked arm in arm into the parlor, and stopped in surprise. Mitch was standing with his feet far apart, and his hat tilted back on his head. Before him were three boys. It appeared to be a staring contest, so Andi tried to enter quietly. Andi took this time to study Jenny’s brothers, but Jenny saved her the trouble by introducing them, despite the staring contest.
Eli age 19
“This,” she said, gesturing towards the tallest of the boys, “is my second to oldest brother, Eli. He’s off work right now because Father didn’t need a lot of help today; the work was easier, so Eli got to stay home.” 
Eli nodded politely, and the staring contest ended. The next boy looked to be about Andi’s age, and Jenny introduced him as Micah. The youngest boy was Gideon, and Andi began to feel more at home. Gideon reminded her slightly of Levi, her nephew, but he didn’t look half so troublesome.
Andi’s turn came and she introduced Mitch. Then Jenny's brothers all
Micah age 15
shook her hand like proper gentlemen. Andi grinned when she thought how jealous Melinda would be when she found out how handsome Jenny’s brothers were. And I get to spend a whole two weeks with them! When she told this in a whisper to Jenny, her friend laughed.
“That’s one thing that doesn’t happen to me.
Gideon age 10
I don’t have any sisters to make jealous, and brothers just wouldn’t appreciate it!” She whispered back. Andi laughed along with her, but they both stopped when Mrs. Grant suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
Jenny let out a squeak of dismay; she had completely forgotten to tell her mother they had guests. Mrs. Grant stood a moment, her eyes wandering over Mitch and Andi, over her boys and then on Jenny.
“I’m sorry.” Jenny said softly, “I forgot to have one of the boys let you know they were here.” Mrs. Grant raised an eyebrow, but suddenly her face dimpled into a smile.
“Oh, Jenny.” She shook her head in a hopeless fashion and turned to Eli. “Eli, go down to the mill and let your father and brothers know our guests have arrived. Micah, please help Miss Carter get the rest of her things into Jenny’s room.”
The two older boys hurried off to perform their tasks, and only Gideon was left. Mrs. Grant smiled at him. “As for you, my little rascal, I need you to go to the store and buy some treats to refresh our guests with.” 
Gideon leaped up from the chair he had been sitting in, doffed his cap to his mother, and marched out the door as if his chore was the most important mission in the world.
Jenny age 13
Micah was waiting impatiently at the door for Andi to ask her what she wanted done with her things, but she informed him that she had already unpacked. He broke into a wide grin and took off running after Gideon. Jenny and Andi left Mitch with his head buried in a book until their lunch, and went upstairs. They sat on the bed, and while Andi helped Jenny arrange her leaves in the new journal, Jenny told Andi about her family.
Andi age 13
“Well, Father is still in charge of the saw mill, and Mother is still in charge of us.” She smiled. “I really have been trying to be more like a lady, but” she added, lowering her tone, “I think my brothers prefer me as a tomboy.”   
Andi laughed. “Go on,” she begged. “Tell me about your brothers! I want to learn all I can, and I’ve only got two weeks!” 
Jenny grinned. “Alright.” She licked her lips thoughtfully. “Well, about my brothers: Seth is the oldest, and he’s 21, so he helps Dad a lot with the saw mill. My personal opinion is that Seth is going to be the one to be the manager once Dad retires. Seth is so careful, and, well, like an older brother. He kind of reminds me of Justin a little bit, only slightly less fatherly.” Andi smiled.
“I’ll probably like him then, if he’s anything like Justin!” she
declared. “Go on.”
“Next comes Eli at age 19, and he’s the rough and tough brother, the brawn, if you know what I mean. Our family is very clannish, to the point of being extreme, and Eli is the most clannish of all. If anyone dares to hurt his siblings, his wrath will come down on them like…like…” she paused, searching for words.
“A lightning bolt?” Andi helpfully suggested. Jenny nodded.
“Yes, sort of like that.” She smiled. “You get the picture though.” Andi grinned, Jenny
Caleb age 17 & Seth age 21
continued. “Then comes Caleb, age 17, he’s the bookworm of the family, and spends a lot of time up in our library poring over Latin and Greek and things like that. He helps out as a mill clerk and keeps all Father's records organized.” Jenny paused again. 

Andi looked up from the leaves she was working on.“None of my brothers are bookworms, except maybe Justin. He does read law books and stuff like that.” 
Jenny smiled.“Well, there you have it.”
There was a pause, and Andi looked up. “Go on.”
“Let’s see, where was I? Ah yes. Next up is Micah. He’s 15, and is the complete opposite of Caleb. Micah loves the great outdoors and hates school of any kind. He and I are pretty close, we both love the outdoors, and neither of us wants me to become a lady.” She paused and her eyes began to twinkle. Andi laughed.
“Then, my one and only younger sibling is Gideon, he’s 10. He’s just well…a boy! That’s really the only way to describe Gideon: a boy. He loves ships, pirates, guns, soldiers, frogs, and all sorts of things like that. But we all love him.” She added with a sigh. “He’s so willing to do anything we ask and always with a cheerful attitude.” 
A small sigh escaped Andi's lips.“I wish I had a younger brother or sister.”
Jenny hugged her.“One can’t have everything one wants.”
Suddenly, with perfect timing, the lunch bell rang. Andi heard the sound of many boots being taken off and the stomping of many feet below them.
Jenny looked at Andi with her eyes shining.“Father's home with the boys, and lunch is ready. C’mon!” 
The girls rushed downstairs.



  1. Oh I love the pictures!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. M are you going to use them?

    1. I'm not sure what you're asking, Janelle. *grin* I AM using them right here. Rebekah sent me Jenny, Gideon, Micah, and Eli. I found the rest.

  2. Sorry I meant the pictures:-)
    Like are they the official Pictures of the Grants?

    1. Oh . . . sure. You bet! I'll "fix" the Jenny pictures on my website and on the blog ASAP.

    2. I'm so glad you liked some of them...the older boys were hard to get proper pictures of, but I think my favorite were the ones you chose anyways! :) (great minds think alike right... :) Were did you get those pictures of Seth, Eli, and Caleb anyways?

    3. You sent me the picture of Eli, Rebecca! LOL
      Seth and Caleb . . . well, here you go . . . one of my favorite TV shows when I was a teen. It only lasted 2 years, but it was set in Seattle just after the Civil War, LOOSELY based on Asa Mercer's (a Seattle pioneer) plan to import brides from New England for the loggers in Seattle. It was called "Here Come the Brides."

      Jason was the oldest
      Joshua was the blond
      Jeremy was the youngest

      Here is a YouTube link:


    4. Actually I think I sent you the picture of Eli Mrs. M! I had sent you a couple but the only one you really liked was the one of Eli.

    5. I was going to say...I don't think I sent that picture! (I've never seen it before you posted it!) :)

    6. Isn`t that picture of Eli out of one of the love comes softly series?

  3. I'm really enjoying this story so far, Rebekah E. It's very well written and the Grant family sound like you could have all kinds of fun with them. :)

    1. You bet I did! I LOVE making up characters!! :)

  4. Loving this story!! You described all the boys really well and the pictures are great too.

  5. Yay! More characters! I love the characters already, and the pictures are absolutely perfect!
    ~ JT

  6. Excellent work i love it! i think the pictures are perfect! :)

  7. Your an amazing writer Rebekah E! No kidding you've got it down. I'm really enjoying this story. Do you have older brothers? You sure make it seem like you have them. You seem to know just what they are like...

  8. Thanks to you all! I do my best *bows* :)
    @ Mrs. M.: No, I did not get your e-mail, but now that I know, I will resend the parts.
    I'm glad some of the pictures worked well enough. It was hard to find good ones, and you picked the ones that were my favorites anyways, so I don't mind not having the others. :)

  9. Wow this story is awesome!!! The pictures fit them perfectly :) Can't wait until the next part :P

  10. Great job, Rebekah E!!
    Did you enter in the contest?
    If your in my age category (14-17) I'm not sure I have any chance of winning! *smile*
    I can't wait to see what happens! And I love the pics.

    1. I asked if she thought about entering this story, but uh . . . she said she could not. It is over 7,000 words. Oh, yeah. Good point, I told her. :-)

    2. However, I did enter the contest, and I am in your age category...sorry. ;P Your stories are every bit as good as mine though. :) I enjoy them. (make more!)

    3. May the best writer win! :P
      I am working on another one...:-)

  11. Great job, Rebekah E.! I feel like I've actually met Jenny's family!


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