Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Commercial Break

We pause in our story of Meeting the Grant Family to answer a question from the story's author, Rebekah E., about the pictures I found of some of the Grant characters, namely Seth and Caleb:

Jeremy and Joshua Bolt
From Rebekah: The older boys were hard to get proper pictures of, but I think my favorite were the ones you chose anyways! Where did you get those pictures of Seth and Caleb?

Seth and Caleb are really Jeremy and Joshua Bolt from one of my favorite TV shows when I was a teen. It only lasted 2 years, but it was set in 1867 Seattle, not long after the Civil War. The premise was LOOSELY based on true-life Asa Mercer's (a Seattle pioneer) plan to import brides from New England for the settlers in Seattle. The East had a shortage of men (killed in the War), and Seattle had a shortage of women (true enough). 

And there, the similarity with real life ends. In the TV show, Jason Bolt and his two younger logger brothers have inherited a mountain of fir trees from their father. The Bolt brothers agree to "bet" their mountain that 100 brides will stay in Seattle and all be married within a year if Aaron Stemple, the rich sawmill owner, will put up the money to finance the trip to New Bedford, Massachusetts, to get the girls and persuade them to come back with them. If the brides aren't married within a year, Aaron Stemple wins the Bolts' precious mountain of timber. The show was called Here Come the Brides.

Here is the fun promo for the show. It's a sad shame wholesome shows like this are not on any longer.

Sadly, I could not get YouTube to find it so you could watch it right here. But if you the link, you can enjoy it anyway. It's only a minute long:

And here is the theme song of the show, "Seattle," sung by Bobby Sherman (Jeremy):

We will return to our regularly scheduled Fan Story bright and early Monday morning . . .



  1. Where do you find all these great pictures?! I would love to find some for my books, but the internet doesn't exactly have the best pictures. Could you name some old western shows that I could look up? Thanks!
    ~ JT

  2. I find a bunch of pictures from the TV show from Doctor Quinn, Road to Avonlea, and you can Google the Love Comes Softly movies they have good pictures:-) I hope that helps you!!

  3. Yeah the Love Comes Softly have really good pictures.


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