Saturday, December 14, 2013

Younger Can Be Stronger . . . by Eve

This is a short story by a debut author, Eve. (Sorry, Eve, I shortened your title to make it fit on the page.) I think it works well short. Hope you think so too.

Note from Eve: This is a sequel to Mrs. M' story: "Cattle Drives Are Not for Greenhorns."

Chad was pretty mad about not getting to go along on the rest of the cattle drive. I thought he was not mad about it anymore. Maybe he wasn't. Well, whatever the case, Mitch must have reminded him about his plan to get back. Because one day as I entered the barn to do my chores I overheard them talking.
"Hey, Chad, are you still going to get back at me for making you go to the doc?" Mitch's voice had a joking tone in it.
"Are you serious?"
"Stop saying ‘yep.’ You are making me nervous."
Chad started to leave the barn. I decided I would talk to Mitch before I started my chores. I tried going quietly so Chad would not catch me. He did .
"Hey, little sis, are you done with your chores?"
I tried to avoid his question. "Chad, do not call me ‘little sis’ or ‘sister.’"
"Well then, Andrea?" He kind of smiled
"No, I have not done my chores yet and do not call me Andrea, Chad Aaron Carter."
Mitch walked calmly on to the aisle of the barn. "Do not boss us around, Chad. Just because you’re older than me by a couple of years and Andi by more than a couple of years does not mean you can boss us, especially me, every minute of the day.”
Chad smirked and left the barn. At the barn entrance he called over his shoulder, "Andi, get to your chores."
Mitch winked at me and called after Chad, "Hey, Chad, are you done of your chores?”
'There was no reply.
"Want to be partners in getting back at Chad for bossing?" I asked Mitch.
"You bet,” was the quick response.
My older sister Melinda is not usually bothered by Chad when he is feeling bossy. Today must have been the first time he bossed her in five months.
When Mitch and I entered the house, we heard Melinda and Chad fighting.
“Wow, Mitch,” I said. “Chad must really be feeling bossy.”
At lunch time I noticed Melinda was not talking as much as she usually did. Mitch whispered to me that Melinda was going to help us get back at Chad. I watched Melinda closely. I noticed she put salt in his coffee. In return, salt went in her tea.
Many other things went different that day. Like . . . there was a bucket of mud over the barn door that was dumped on me because I tied a rope outside his bedroom door.
Mitch put a toad in his water. Chad put a garden snake in Mitch's bed.
In the afternoon of the next day, Mitch, Melinda, and I were in the barn planning some more tricks when we heard Chad coming. We quickly hid in empty stalls.
Chad was talking to his horse. "Well, I have to think of some more tricks, even though right now I am thinking that younger can be stronger."
We emerged from our hiding places. Mitch spoke. "Younger can be stronger."
"Especially in this case," I finished for him.

                                                                           THE END



  1. Good story Eve!

  2. Haha, poor Chad!
    I like the story Eve.

  3. That was a fun short story, Eve. Good job!

  4. That was awesome!!!!!!!!! hehe I love that Melinda was hiding in a stall! :D lol don't see that every day do ya?

  5. That was a really fun story!!
    I love how the younger siblings all joined forces against Chad. So fun!!

  6. Chad, you totally had that coming. Hehe, he can be so bossy but that's what I love about him. I think when I pick my favorite character out of the Carter bunch (other than Andi) it always ties between Chad, Mitch and Justin. Some days I like Justin more, other times Chad and then other days Mitch. :D
    Good story Eve, this was fun and I enjoyed reading it. I don't have much time for long stories so I always enjoy a good short one when I have some time to sit down and read. :)

  7. Hehe. We pull pranks like that in our family too. Especially the salt...
    ~ JT

    1. what so you mean by SALT!!

    2. Like putting salt in the person sitting next to you's water glass when their not looking, and so on... my brother is usually the victim of our plots. :-)
      ~ JT


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