Monday, December 30, 2013

Andi's Terrible Day . . . by Rishona

Here's a short narrative of one of Andi's most terrible days! Sorry, Rishona, that it took me so long to post this. You sent it back in November. 

Andrea Cater, age 12 was asleep in bed dreaming about scoring a home run in baseball. All of the sudden she was awoken by a loud knock at her door.
“Come in,” she muttered.
  Melinda walked in and walked straight towards the window, she then rolled up the curtain.
Andi sat up in bed. “Hey! Why did you do that?”
Melinda looked Andi straight in the eye. “Two reasons, one it is time to get up and second, how dare you, Andrea Rose Carter, roll my corset up in a ball.”
Andi thought back to that day. It was only yesterday Luisa caught her sliding down the banister, and as a punishment she had to fold the laundry.
“Andrea, Melinda?”
Melinda and Andi looked at each other. “Yes mother?”  They answered in unison.
“Why are you both fighting?” She walked up the stairs and into Andi’s room.
 “Andrea! You’re still in your nightgown!” Mrs. Carter was quite angry. “Justin leaves for work in ten minutes. And you won’t be ready.”
Andi sighed. “I’m sorry mother.”
Mrs. Carter said, “Andrea, I forgive you, but you really can’t wake up this late every morning. So as a punishment you will wear your most fanciest dress to school today, and your hair up.” Then Mother and Melinda left the room. 
Andi changed into a light blue dress, and put her hair up. Then she ran and slid down the banister. Just then she spotted Mother in the living room.
“Andrea, I really am disappointed in you. Now go and eat. You have to leave in five minutes!”
Andi went into the kitchen, where her breakfast was waiting for her. 
Oatmeal. Can this day get any worse? Andi thought.

Andi had no idea what this day would hold for her. In her hurry eating she bit her tongue so bad that it started to bleed. Then through her tears she spilled oatmeal all over her dress. Lusia helped her change. When she came back downstairs she didn’t slide down the banister, she ran down the steps and in her hurry tripped and stubbed her toe.
Then Chad started bellowing. “Andi, Justin’s waiting. Hurry up.”
“Andi, Andi, Andi . . .”
On the way to school, Justin told Andi that if she was late anymore he would wake her up extra early and she could help out with more chores. 
Andi had enough. She started to cry. Justin tried to comfort Andi and gave her a hug. Andi was still wiping her tears when they drove up to the schoolhouse. Rosa hadn’t come to school because she had a lot of work. After Justin drove away Andi noticed she forgot to bring lunch. Cory tried to cheer her up, and it helped---a little.
Class wasn’t better either. Andi really was trying to focus on her work, but Mr. Foster kept finding a fault with her. “Andi, stop slouching.” “Andi, pay attention.”
Finally when recess came Andi managed to get some lunch out of the hands of Cory. But Cory had to eat himself. He only gave Andi an apple. 
When Andi complained that she was still hungry, Cory replied, “Well, there is nothing left. I ate it all already.” Then Andi called him a pig and pushed him. Cory didn’t fall over or respond. Andi realized that Cory was a growing boy and needed some food too. She apologized to him.
Virginia felt sorry for Andi and gave her a cookie. Andi had recently stopped being mean to her, and Virginia was turning into a real nice friend!
After lunch, there was still a little time before lunch so she decided to play baseball even though she was wearing a very nice dress! During the baseball game Andi slipped and fell in a puddle of mud.
Then Johnny started making fun of Andi by calling her a pig and then he made pig noises. Andi lost her temper and shoved Johnny into the mud pile. He was stronger than Andi, but he was caught off guard so he fell into the puddle.
Mr. Foster had just come outside in time to see this incident. He made Andi write the sentence: “I won’t shove boys into mud piles” over and over fifty times on the blackboard. By the time she finished recess was over, and her hand was aching.
She walked to her desk and sat down. Then Mr. Foster asked Andi if he could read over her spelling.
Andi replied, “Yes Mr. Foster,” She reached out and opened the lid of her desk and out jumped a frog! It landed on Mr. Foster’s pants. He yelped and the class roared with laughter. “Andrea Carter, you will stay after school.”
Andi said, “I don’t know why there was a frog in my desk. I didn’t put it there.” 
Cory tried. “Andi wouldn’t do something like that,” even though Andi would!
Mr. Foster still wouldn’t change his mind. And he said he would talk to Justin about Andi’s terrible behavior at school. Andi was very angry but she didn’t want to cry in front of the whole school, so she just sat there and did her work, like a good Andrea was supposed to.
After she finished cleaning the class room for Mr. Foster, Andi went outside where Justin had been talking to Mr. Foster. She told Justin her story, through tears. When they got home Andi went inside and Mother greeted her with a smile and a sigh! Then sent her to go wash up.
This is one disgusted girl!
Andi went upstairs and took a bath then put on her overalls, since school was over She tripped while putting her foot in the overalls and fell over and banged her arm on the wall. “Ouch! I think that was my funny bone.”
Then a knock came at the door.  “Andrea, are you all right?” Mother sounded worried.
   “I’m fine, Mother. I only hit my funny bone.” When Andi stumbled out of the washroom she saw a very upset Melinda, who had refrained herself from breaking down the washroom door.
“Andi, I have been out here forever, and Aaron is going to be here now!” 
Probably another suitor. Andi muttered an apology. She went downstairs where Mother gave her a hug. Andi was feeling a little better now.
Then Mother spoke. “Andrea, I have a bit of surprising news for you.” Mother sounded very excited.
Oh good, finally something exciting! “What is it Mother?”
  “Well Andrea, it has been a while since you have tried piano. So I thought I would arrange for lessons. Your first lesson will be Saturday.”
 “But, Mother, that’s when I ride Taffy. Do I have to have lessons?”
Mother sounded very disappointed. “I would like you to try a month of lessons. And you only have two lesson per week.”
Andi sighed. “But, Mother, I’d have to practice.”
“Exactly,” said Mother as she walked off to the kitchen.    
Andi thought back to breakfast. Yes, the day could get worse. And it had. Then Andi went outside and told Taffy about her day. At least I still have Taffy,  she thought.
The rest of the day went fairly well. Supper was normal.
Mitch, shoveling food in his mouth, Chad talking about the ranch. And Justin talking about the latest problems at work. While Melinda just ate. 
Her mind was, well who knows where!
Andi was exhausted when she climbed into that bed that night, after her prayers. She fell asleep very quick.

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  1. Poor Andi!!! Nothing went right for her:-(

  2. When once a day starts to go wrong, sometimes it takes a lot of effort to make things go right again. :) And I agree with Janelle, Poor Andi!

  3. Thanks for posting! I had lots of fun writing this!

  4. Grrr. One of those days. Poor Andi, I feel your pain! Everyone has one of those days!
    ~ JT

  5. I'd sure hate to have a day like that! ;(

  6. Poor Andi! :( I hate it when my days go like that! Great Job Rishona! :)

  7. Good Job! How old are you?
    I really enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks! I am 13. Why?
      How old are you?

  8. Mrs. M, did you get the fan story I sent you last night?


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