Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You know you're a writer when . . . by Calamity Rene

Calamity Rene created a fun test to separate the "writers" from the rest of the world's population. I have used it with permission. Enjoy!

Read through the list of markers below to determine what kind of writer you are. Count up how many describe you and then see the totals at the bottom to learn which kind of writer you are. Tell us in the comments. Let's have some fun with this.
Thanks, Calamity, for creating this for us!

You know you're a writer when...

1. You see someone on TV who you think looks just like one of your characters.

2.  You read a book and are certain that writer ripped you off somehow.

3. You think of your characters as your friends.

4. You reenact a scene from your story and do the dialogue for all the characters.

5. You watch a movie with your friends and you can't stop saying, "I'm totally using that line in my book."

6. Your mood depends on what's going on in your book.

7. You'd rather write than watch TV.

8. You cry while you write a sad scene in your story.

9. You get mad when someone says they think you should make your favorite character die.

10. You get so excited when you're assigned a two week research paper.

11. You dream about your story/stories.

12. You dream about your bad guy character trying to kill you.

13. The kids of your mom's friend go home and ask their mom to rent the movie you were telling them about, when in reality you were just telling them a story.

14. You do hands-on research to figure out how it would feel to be your character in whatever situation you're researching.

15. You model your child character after the kid you babysit.

16. You get mad when your character makes the wrong decision.

17. You can't stand the naughty kids in the books you read, but you love writing those kids to torment your characters.

18. You play your stories.

19. You wish you could live in the imaginary world sometimes.

20. When people ask you what your favorite book character is you tell them the one from your own book.

21. You have actually emailed the FBI to ask them questions for your story.

22. You get really excited about research.

23. You borrow tons of books from the library to get inspiration or ideas for scenes in your stories.

24. You rewrite movies/books/TV shows to the way you like them.

25. You own an outfit just like the one your character wears.

26. You write your own commercials for your stories.

27. You find that you can't remember what was from your stories and what was real when you're recalling life events.

28. You actually can't stand to let your favorite bad guy die and you bring him back again...and again and again and again for many sequels.

29. Your friends think you're talking about real people when you're actually talking about your characters.

30. You begin to believe that your characters are taking over the story and controlling it . . . instead of you!

Grade yourself!

1-5: Random Dreamer: You like to make up stories a lot but find that it's hard to actually finish something and often you find yourself having to push yourself to sit down and write.

5-10: Hibernating Scribbler: You enjoy writing and do it in your spare time, though during school you don't usually find the inspiration to write and would rather be doing something else.

10-15: Iffy Jotter You love to write and try to do it as much as you can, though many times you take several week breaks. When Writer's Block hits you're really stuck.

15-20: Jumpy Visionier: You love to write and often start many, many stories that you can't possibly finish, thus frustrating yourself and never actually getting things done except those stories you really put a lot of effort into.

20-25: Furious Fingers: You really love writing and just can't get enough of it- you write something every single day and eighty percent of the time finish what you write, though you do have a lot of abandoned stories or just ideas that someday you may or may not write. You rarely get Writer's Block and have over ten stories finished.

25-29: Flying Typist You LOVE writing so much and are constantly typing up a new idea or story or something and can't stop creating new things. You finish most of what you write and then start something new, often tackling three part series in a matter of weeks. Your biggest problem is jumping from story to story to story, though you do finish most of what you write you often reread what you wrote a month before and then rewrite the whole story.

All 30: Writer Maniac: You're hooked. You think, breathe and live your stories. Often you have to take a break from writing so you don't mix reality with the imaginary, but your mind is always returning to that one scene or story you were going to write. You are constantly seeing people in stores that look like your characters and suspiciously considering that perhaps they escaped your book.

P.S. I took the test and I am FURIOUS FINGERS. (I have never emailed the FBI but I know a young author who did! And her book is published now, and she is 17 years old. If she had a website, I would post the link here!) But here is a picture of her cover:
Click the link below to find out more and how to order it! 

 photo 3825C7C7786297A6FF1441ABB6A7AE89_zps0a54deca.png


  1. I got 22 out of 30, so I got furious fingers!!!
    Super fun post!
    ~ JT

  2. I'm 20-25. So I'm furious fingers! I love writing!

  3. I really haven't created my own set if characters YET, but I would like to someday! I do have a few story starts. I kinda took this test with the Circle C characters in mind. I dream every day that I live on the Circle C Ranch! Currently I am a hibernating scribbler, but you never know when that will change! I currently want to right a devotion book for kids based on the book of Proverbs.

  4. Here are a few more to add. :)
    You know you're a writer when:
    1. When a scenery picture sparks your creativity and you have to write a story about it.
    2. When you tell yourself stories all the time about certain characters even if you never write them down.
    3. When you wake up in the morning remembering part of a dream and just have to add it to your story.
    4. When you have so many stories started or in your head waiting to come out that you spend 15 minutes trying to decide which story to work on. :)
    5. When writing is your favorite "chore."

    1. That is how I am!!!!

    2. Whoa, that's good, and they would add to my list... :)

    3. So true! These are part of my list for sure!

    4. I'm a Flying Typist! ;D And those additions are so me too, Rebekah. Especially the the third. I actually sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with an idea or scene and jot it down so I don't forget.

      -Hope B.

  5. I am 15-20. The only thing is i don't "play" my stories!
    And I dream about stories also. I LOVE making my bad guys torment the characters!
    And Audrey yes i am thinking about stories (fan or contest) that i have wrote when I am doing this, though i have wrote a few others.

    Calamity Rene, Can you use this on my blog?

    1. Yes sure! That's fine! In fact, anyone can copy it...you can send it to your friends and have them take the test, that's what I created it for. :)
      Glad so many people are enjoying it!

      -Calamity Rene

    2. I also like the bad guy to torment the good guys and I also dream about my story's!!

  6. that's cool
    Rebekah R

  7. i think i am 1- 16
    Rebekah r

  8. I got seventeen, so I'm a Jumpy Visionier. :)

  9. so are you supposed to see which thing like 1-5 5-10 matches you the most and then look at what you are?
    are you supposed to read through them and count how many things you are? Then check what you are?

    1. read through and count them up. Then see which category you fall into.

  10. I love to write!
    One thing that happens is that I start telling my dad about my characters and their family. He is concentrating on something else, then realizes I'm talking to him, and he doesn't know who these people are! Then I have to tell him that, yes, these are my characters.
    One thing I like to do is use REALLY unusual names or spellings. Such as South Wind, Starlet (my main character in the book I'm writing; I came up with an unusual girl, and she needed an unusual name. Starlet suits her perfectly!), and so on!
    One thing I tell people is that I'm not always myself. I'm about five or six other people most of the day! I sometimes tell myself, when I'm feeling shy, to "act like Robin", a girl in my story that isn't shy at all!
    Oh, one thing that can tell you when you are an author (or when you're really sleepy, or both!) is when you actually start adding your characters' names into your list of friends you pray for before you go to bed! I've had times when I've started praying for my characters! I do pray that God will help me write what He wants me to write, and that He will help me create characters to put in my stories, but I usually don't pray for them to have a good night!!!!! :D
    My hard part is editing my stories. I have my (planned for) first book going through the editing process on my computer. But my character has become so much more real since I began! And I realize somethings I wrote were awful! And after putting one chapter on our computer the other day, I realized I will have to re-write it before proofreaders can proofread it-the chapter just isn't actually the way I want the story to be!
    Isn't it nice the way anything you want to do can be in the name of "story research"?
    If I'm interested in something, it usually becomes "story material" very quickly!
    And my passions (my love for God, music, Irish step dance, and horses!) are in LOTS of my stories!
    God bless!
    I've written a lot here!!!!

    1. Very interesting peek into your story life, Ira-Grace.

    2. You almost wrote an entire chapter in a comment!!! LOL! :P

  11. I love to write. But don't have much time for it:( I'm probably a jumpy visionary. I love making up plots and characters but have a hard time finishing the story.

  12. wow that was fun!!! I'm Hibernating Scribbler

  13. 1-5 Random Dreamer.
    Books that I like to read:
    Circle C Adventures!!!!
    I like to read the kinda not really scary R.S.Stine books (Beach party-the baby sitter- the hitchhiker)
    I like The Hunger Games- The Hunger Games Caching Fire- The Hunger Games Mocking
    jay)by Suzan Collins
    Amanda by Candis F.Ransom

  14. Barely made furious fingers...25 describe me! Love this post, it really helped me to seriously grade my own writing, but still have fun! Thank you!!!! :D

  15. I'm random dremmer( even tho I have some funny dreams LOL)
    I with Aurora but not R.LStine thos are somos to be relly scary and probley cuz wer sisters so we read the same books

  16. Mrs. M do u have any new fan story's to post?

  17. Mrs. M, what breed is Midnight?

  18. I haven't taken the test yet but I think I am a FURIOUS FINGERS.
    Post more stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I haven't taken the test yet, but I really would like to find out more about the 17 year old's book. It sounds interesting.

    1. Here is a link for more information!


  20. Actually Mrs. Marlow, Melissa Troutman does have a website now. :) Here it is!

  21. I am a Jumpy Visioner because I don't babysit!

  22. Wow, that was terribly fun! I barely made it into the Furious Fingers category, but I would say I'm a pretty fair mix of Jumpy Visionier and Furious Fingers. I write constantly and have a story plot brewing all of the time, but I am obliged to admit that I don't finish many of my stories. :)


  23. I am an Iffy Jotter


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