Sunday, November 10, 2013

Plots & Twists part 6 . . . by Jesseca

Things are moving now!

Chapter 6

Andi mounted Taffy while Mitch mounted Chase. It took only about a 20 minute gallop until they got to the south-east pasture. Sure enough, there was Hugh waiting on a horse Andi recognized as one from the livery in town. 
Mitch motioned to her to slow the horses as the rode up to him.
As they ride up, Hugh pulled his gun from his holster, cocked it, and pointed it at Mitch. “Well, Andi. Good to see you kept your part of the bargain. I've got a little surprise planned for you and your brother.”
“Get to the point, Hugh. What do you want?”
Hugh glared at Mitch. “I want $100,00.”
Andi gasped. “What would you do with that much money?”
“Well, the first half of it would get me to Mexico and the other half I could live off off comfortably for quite a while.”
Mitch returned Hugh's glare. “What if I say, 'No'?”
Hugh face turned sickly sweet. “Then perhaps you would let me wed your sister here. How old is she? 16? plenty old enough to get married in my opinion.”
Andi turned a horrified face to Mitch.
“No, don't you dare touch my sister.  I'll get you the money.”
Hugh laughed. “Good. That should at least repay me for all that money you took from me up in the mountains that time.”
“That was stolen money!” Andi exclaimed.
Hugh laughed. “I like you,  Andi. You've got spunk and you’re not afraid to speak your mind.”
Andi glared at him.
“Well, let's go into town and you can get me the money at the bank.”
Mitch nodded.
“But, first you need to take your gun off. Just throw it on the ground.”
Mitch and Andi exchanged a knowing look. Mitch unbuckled the belt from around his waist, and the holster and gun slipped to the ground.
“Wait, it's Sunday. The bank won't be open.” Andi said.
Hugh just laughed. A sound that made chills race up and down Andi 's spine. “We'll figure out a way to get in, won't we?”
“You don't need me to help you get money from the bank. Can't I stay here at the ranch?”
“No. You are my back-up plan, my 'hostage' in case Mitch tries anything stupid. Hand me your reins.”
Andi looked at Mitch. He nodded. Andi threw the reins to Hugh.
Hugh wrapped them around his saddle horn. “Now you won't be getting away any time soon.”
He put his gun back in his holster and they took off at a gallop. As the began to go through the trees, Hugh slowed the horses to a trot.
Just then Andi heard a gun cock behind them. And a voice Andi recognized as Johnny's said. “Don't move.”



  1. Yeah! SOMEBODY finally stopped Hugh! Terrific story Jesseca!
    My Aunt and Uncle from CA came down for a visit, and they're visiting our church this morning! I'm very excited!

    1. what church do you go to Audrey?

    2. We go to a place called Without Walls, but it has a longer official name :-)
      It's a great church!

  2. Oh man! I CANNOT wait 'til the next part. Hurry it up girl, I want to know what happens next.

  3. ARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!
    ~ JT

  4. Mrs. Marlow, I can take the photos off the website! I figured out how. I'll e-mail the result in a few days!
    Can you direct me to any posts about the Wilsons?
    John 3:16

    1. Well . . . my bios have not been complete lately so i don't have one in writing right now for the Wilsons. Sorry!

    2. Oh, you can use the "Search the Ranch" feature on the right sidebar. Just stick in "Johnny Wilson" or something similar (maybe even "Wilson") and it will take you to all links with those key words in them. HOpe that helps.

  5. oh, and are there any pictures of Jack and his father and the mercantile?
    Psalm 150

    1. I have a picture of the mercantile, but not of Jack's father. You can "search the ranch" for "Jack" and maybe find some pictures of him to lift off the page and use. :-)

  6. what will happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    good \great story Rebekah R

  7. i thought that you weren't posting things on Sunday ?
    not that i don;t want to read it especially once a story gets rrreeeaaalllyyy interesting
    Rebekah R

    1. If I remember to schedule the post ahead of time, I can schedule it for Sunday; it's just that I usually stay off the computer on Sundays so that's why I wouldn't post something otherwise.

  8. Oh, WOW! This is giving me shivers, Jesseca! Every new part I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for! Thank you for this outstanding fan story! :)

  9. Wow! I just realized that we're at 132,972 page views already! Didn't we just reach 100,000???!!! It sure isn't taking very long...before you know it, we'll be at 200,000!!!
    Great story Jesseca!

  10. "Don't move." Oh boy that was an awesome line! I was surprised to find out the Andi was 16. LOL when Hugh said he wanted to marry her, I was like, but Andi's only 12!! lol Nice work Jesseca:)

  11. Great job! I was also surprised to find out Andi was sixteen. I thought she was only twelve or thirteen!


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