Thursday, November 7, 2013

Plots & Twists part 3 . . . by Jesseca

Oops. I have not had a big chunk of time to post all of the parts and "schedule" them to post automatically. So . . . sorry about not getting this one up until late. I will TRY to schedule the rest of them this evening, so nobody has to sit on pins and needles for the rest of the parts.

Chapter 3

Mitch's eyes became alert searching every corner of the barn and the barn doorway.
“Are you sure it was him, Andi? I don't see anyone.”
“Well, I don't see him now. Maybe I imagined it because this whole thing about Hugh Baker being back in town is giving me the creeps.”
“How about we go back inside and see if cook has the sandwiches ready. Chad should be back before long and you and Justin should be ready to go.”
“Sure. You go ahead. I'll be in in a minute”
Mitch smiled knowingly. “Going to talk to Taffy about your problems?” When Andi nodded, he winked at her. “Alright. I'll see you in a little while.'
As Mitch left, Andi began to talk to Taffy about Johnny returning and the rumors that Hugh Baker was back in town. “And I really think I saw him just a minute ago, Taffy.”
Taffy snorted and stomped her hoof.
Just then, she heard a footstep behind her. Whirling around, she looked into the face of Hugh Baker and a colt 44. revolver.
“What do you want?” Andi asked, praying her voice didn't shake.
Hugh laughed a sickly sweet laugh. “Well, I decided I needed to have a little chat with the people who got me put in jail. You and your brother especially.”
Andi 's temper flared. “You cared about no one other than yourself! You were going to shoot Mitch and leave us all tied hostage!”
Hugh's smile came off his face, replaced with a sneer. He reached out to grab her arm. “Listen here, missy. I will get you and your brother one way or another. I thought you’d both made it real easy on me when I saw you were out here together and alone. But then that other brother of yours, the one you call Chad rode up. So I hid and when I came back just you were here.”
Andi, still struggling, exclaimed, “You leave my brother alone. Justin's coming out soon and he'll take care of you!” The moment the words left her mouth  Andi wished she had held her tongue. Now Hugh was sure to do something quick before Justin came out.
“You have way too many brothers,” Hugh muttered in disgust. “Listen, you just make sure you're with your brother tomorrow when he checks the fence in the far south-east pasture.”
Andi gave him a startled look. “How do you know what my brother is doing tomorrow? Besides, tomorrow's Sunday.”
Hugh gave an evil chuckle. “Let's just say I've been in the area for a while and I’m good at eavesdropping. It's just a little something I overheard Chad telling Mitch to do tomorrow after lunch.”
“Let-Me—Go!” Andi exclaimed, still struggling.
'I'll let you go. Just don't forget about tomorrow and don't say a word to anyone or you’ll be sorry.”
Just then the door of the house slammed and Justin began walking toward the barn.”
“Just remember.” Hugh said releasing her then he was gone.
'Ready for our ride, Andi ? I've got the sandwiches.'
“Thanks, Justin.”
“Andi ? What's wrong? Why is your arm red? Are you hurt?” Justin deposited the sandwiches thunderheads saddle bags the walked over to  Andi .
“Oh, I'm fine, Justin.” Andi  answered, quickly mounting Taffy before Justin got a good look at her arm. “Let's go.”
“You don't sound too good. We can take our ride another day. The work at my office will wait.” Justin said, giving Andi a concerned look.
“No, no. Let's still go today.”
Justin mounted Thunderbolt and they galloped down the lane.
What should I do? wondered Andi.



  1. Oh my goodness! What will she do!!!! GREAT JOB JESSECA!

    1. How many parts is it???

    2. Thanks ;)
      I'm glad you're enjoying it!
      There are 7 parts total.

  2. Tell Justin!!!!!!! Honestly Andi, you keep WAY to many secrets!

    1. Haha, I agree. Andi needs to tell Justin for sure!
      Great story! Can't wait for more

  3. I agree with Audrey, but these types of circumstances make it all the more interesting!
    Great job Jesseca! :-)
    ~ JT

  4. Awesome job Jesseca!!! She really should tell Justin, I don't know what she sees wrong it that :)

  5. Replies
    1. do you know what happens? I have some info!

  6. She isn't very smart when she doesn't tell her brothers about something like that, they can take care of it. Awesome story Jesseca!

  7. Tell him !!!
    I love this story!!!!

  8. she should tell him
    after all he is her favorite brother unlike bossy chad:)
    great story
    rebekah r

  9. Mrs. M what time will part 4 be tomorrow?! Thank you!:)

  10. Why don't you tell your brother!
    Rishona :)

  11. Mrs. M could I send you a story that is not about Andi? Like one that is off a book I wrote? Hope that made sense!!(for a fan story)!!:)

    1. It would be fun to start another category for this kind of thing, but right now I'm swamped with writing the new Andi book, revisions on Goldtown, and formatting Fan Stories to work on the blog. I'm afraid I better not take on one more thing. You should connect with some of the others here and see if you can trade stories with each other until I have time to start another category. :-)

  12. Ok!:) so could not be a fan story?


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