Monday, November 11, 2013

Plots & Twists the conclusion . . . by Jesseca

and last but not least . . . the conclusion!

Part 7

Andi sighed. Of all the people Chad could have put to watch this area, it had to be Johnny. I said I didn't trust Johnny with my life. Now that's exactly what I'm going to have to do, Andi thought.
Don't move a muscle, Hugh Baker. Or I'll have a good mind to relocate this gunshot into you instead of the gun.”
Hugh was sitting ramrod straight on his horse. One look at his face and Andi shuddered. His face was seething with rage.
Mitch, go find Chad and Dick. They shouldn't be too far off.”
As Mitch rode off, there was a crackling explosion in the bushes behind them as two deer leaped from the brush. Startled, Johnny whirled around, giving Hugh the chance he needed. Ramming his spurs in to his horse, Hugh galloped away. Taffy, whose reins were still tied around Hugh's saddlehorn followed.
Johnny, seeing that Hugh was getting away, mounted his horse and began to chase them. He was within shooting range. If he could only be sure he wouldn't hit Andi when he shot. Just then, Chad, Dick and Mitch appeared in front of Hugh and Andi . Hugh pulled the horses to a stop. There was no way he could escape.
Later, after Hugh had been taken to the town jail and everything had settled down, Andi walked out to the barn where Her brothers, Johnny and Dick were.
'I'm sure glad that's over with!” Andi exclaimed.
Me too,” Mitch agreed. “it gave me a real scare when I saw Hugh trying to run off with you.”
Yeah, about that. Thanks Johnny. I wouldn't have thought you would try to save me but you did. Thank you.”
Johnny shrugged. “It was nothing. I'm sorry for how I treated you before. Can you ever forgive me?”
Andi shook a finger at him playfully. “Hmmm taking into account all that you did let's see, you pulled my braids, punched me in the stomach, teased me mercilessly, kidnapped me, not to mention our little run-in behind the alley.” Andi 's face reddened at the thought. Sure, Johnny. If Jesus was able to forgive me for all my sins and love me limitlessly besides, I can forgive you. But it will be hard to forget.”
Johnny nodded. “I know. That's about all I can ask. Thanks, Andi.”
The rest of the day went quietly. Andi and Gail spent a lot of time together rising and Johnny joined them.
As Andi watched her new friend and Johnny together, something between them, the way they treated each other, startled her. Later, she asked Gail about it.
Gaill blushed. “Dick has given him permission to court me.”
“But, your only 17.”
Oh, don't worry. I'm not allowed to marry till I turn 20. And I'm glad Dick made that rule for me, Even though a lot of people will think I'm an old maid by then.”

Gail and Johnny were married 3 years later. Andi was the maid of honor while Dick, of course was the best man.
After the wedding, Cory cornered Andi. “Andi , I wanted you to be the first to know other than my parents. I'm going to college. In San Francisco I'm going to become a doctor.”



  1. Great ending! Good job over all!
    ~ JT

  2. Love it !!!!!

  3. That was terrific!!! I loved it! I think Gail and Johny make a good match.....

  4. Great Job, Jesseca:)

  5. Wow! Gail and Johnny! Great match Jesseca!
    Cory a doctor? Never would have guessed!

  6. Susan,
    Is there any news about about that fire?

    1. Yeah I was wondering that too...

    2. Me too.
      Hopefully everything is okay. I'll keep praying.

    3. I was looking at the short story contest link and in the comments Aj says this

      Okay it's all better now. Few. My friend's mom actually wasn't hurt, it was a mistake. The fire trucks came and now it's okay.

    4. Glad that it all turned out all right.
      ~ JT

    5. Praise the Lord!!!

  7. horse crazy gal/BethanyNovember 11, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    Awesome job!!! That was a fantastic story! I sorta like the idea of Gail and Johnny.

  8. I loved it Jesseca!!! Gail and Johnny do go together kind of well :)
    Do you have any more fan stories that you have sent in or are writing?

  9. A wonderful ending...sounds familiar, only different too! Awesome!! :)

  10. Ahh.......when I first read this part I was like that is like Cory IS Gilbert and Andi, Anne! Awesome story Jesseca.

    Remember the Veterans today.

  11. Happy Veteran's day! Please take the time to think of those who have served, or are serving, and their families.
    Also remember the POWs, MIAs, and KIAs. Thank you and God bless you.
    ~ JT

  12. Sweet Story, that is one of my favs!!!
    Mrs.M are you going to post any more fan stories soon?

  13. Mrs. M, are you ever going to do another vote on somebody's horse?
    Does Jack have a horse?
    What is it's name and color?
    Also are you going to post another fan story today?
    Thank you! God bless!!!

    1. It would be fun to do a horse for Andi's mother . . .
      Jack has a horse, but I have no idea what kind.

  14. Jessica do u mind if I use Ellie in a story? It would be after she was married.:)

    1. No, I don't mind at all! :) Will it be a fan story?

  15. love it!



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