Monday, November 18, 2013

Friend or Foe? . . . Part 5, the conclusion by Rebekah E.

I am running out of clever things to say to introduce all these stories! This is the conclusion.

Part 5

While Andi was in middle of thinking over the conversation with Chad, she suddenly heard a familiar whinny.
“Taffy!” She gasped, for there Taffy was, beautiful and spirited as ever. Andi jumped off Spy and ran over to greet her horse. There was a moment of silent bliss as Andi hugged her long-lost horse while Chad and the other horses looked on, and then Andi swung herself up onto her horse to ride her home. Chad smiled, and took the reins of Spy to lead the other horse home.
* * * * *

When they arrived home, they were greeted warmly by Andi’s entire family, not to mention Cory and Jack with their families. There was a regular reunion! Andi was thrilled, and proposed another race, this time fair. Cory agreed, and Chad himself checked him for snakes before letting him mount the horse. Jack pulled the pistol out again, and held it in his hand, its muzzle pointed into the air. With a bang they were off.
Andi let Taffy sprint far ahead this time, changing her tactics and never let Cory within five feet. She felt Taffy’s mane sting her face, and tears of joy at having her back again run down her cheeks. She let out an Indian war whoop, even though she knew her mother wouldn’t approve.
Suddenly, she saw a horse gaining on her, but it wasn’t Cory. It was Chad, and he was riding his own horse, Sky. Andi urged Taffy faster, but to no avail. Chad won the race, only a horse’s head in front of Taffy.
Andi pulled Taffy to a stop and stared, open mouthed, at her brother. “You’re good!” was all she could manage.
Chad shrugged. “I just wanted to see if Sky could beat Taffy. You’ve been boasting that no horse could beat her, and I wanted Sky to prove you wrong.” He smiled. “You don’t mind my horse beating yours do you?” he asked.
Andi grinned. “Nope, from now on, I’ll let this be a lesson to me in boasting!” They laughed together, and then both jumped from their horses. Andi hugged her brother, and he was taken by surprise again.
“Are you going to make this a habit?” he asked.
Andi grinned mischievously. “Maybe, it all depends on you!”
Chad laughed again, and they led their horses back to the ranch. Chad was heartily congratulated by Cory and Jack, but Mitch and Justin just smiled, as if they already knew that Sky was faster than Taffy.
The busy day ended with a delicious supper at Andi’s house, and the regular Bible time. Justin opened to Andi’s favorite passage, Job 39:19-25, and read it aloud.
“Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder? Canst thou make him afraid as a grasshopper? The glory of his nostrils is terrible. He paweth in the valley and rejoiceth in his strength: he goeth on to meet the armed men. He mocketh at fear, and is not affrighted; neither turneth his back from the sword. The quiver rattles against him, the glittering spear and the shield. He swalloweth the ground with fierceness and rage: neither believeth he that it is the sound of the trumpet. He saith among the trumpets, “Ha, ha”; and he smelleth the battle from afar off, the thunder of captains, and the shouting.”
Andi sighed blissfully, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day, and she was happy to be home, safe again.



  1. I really liked this last part, Rebekah E.! I had to smile when Chad and Sky beat Andi and Taffy. :) Good job.

  2. Nice!! I really like it, you put it together so well.:D

  3. I like that you added Chad into the race! Good job! Interesting passage from Job, I've never seen it!

  4. This was a great story! You're an AWESOME writer Rebekah E.!!

  5. Great job! I enjoyed it. Good passage from Job. Fits in with Andi perfectly.

  6. Thanks to you all! (The Job passage is my favorite Bible passage, so I just had to put it in there somehow! :)
    Did any of you know that the word "horse" is found 41 times in the Bible? And the word "horses" is found 105 places! That's how I found the Job passage, and it has been my favorite since!!! :D

  7. that is really cool i like the ending
    in most stories they don't have a bible reading time i think that it is good to have one

  8. I like the reference to Job. Good ending:)
    Hey lets all post how many books of the Bible we have read and which ones are our favorites...
    66 books. The books of Timothy, John, and James...

  9. Mrs. M, when will the next fan story be?:) ps. Love the story!!!!

  10. All 66. Favorites? Genesis and Revelation. :-)
    How many books of the Bible have you memorized? Which ones?

    I Peter

  11. I don't have any whole books memorized. I've read quiet a few of the books in the Bible though. I have finished Genesis and 2 Samuel. I have read quiet a bit in Psalms and in the New Testament as well. I'm currently reading Proverbs. I love Genesis, Proverbs, Romans, Philippians, and Ephesians. I use the New King James translation most of the time. Genesis was really fun to read! It has soo many good stories in it!!! It's a bit intimidating, since it has fifty chapters, but I really enjoyed it!

  12. I have basically all of Ruth memorized and a lot of different chapters/ verses. I've read about 40 books of the Bible and I usually read King James Version.
    I love the Gospels, Philemon, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Roman's, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Esther and Ruth!

  13. I've read all of the Bible, memorized the book of Ruth, part of Esther, Psalm 119 and multiple chapters from many other books as well as verses from probably every book. I couldn't pick a favorite book of the Bible! :)

  14. wow psalms 119
    isn't that the longest chapter in the bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. I mainly use New American Standard Version. (it;s my favorite)
    I did AWANA Cubbies, Sparks, and TNT. So lots of random verses from different books. And that is in KJV.
    Romans 12
    1 Corinthians 13
    (memorizing)going through the book of James on 3:10 (NIV-NASB)
    (memorizing)going through the book of James on 2:6 (NASB)
    I'm not sure how much of the Bible I have read!
    WOW Rebekah, Psalms 119. That's long!

    I really enjoyed this story! It's neat how you got Chad in the race!
    Oh, my favorite books are Corinthiansm (both) Romans, Titus, Psalms, Luke

    1. whoops there is not supposed to be a 'M' on Corinthians!

  16. My Bible is a (NIV) and I really like it. I don't have any books memorized per say, but I do know the whole time line from Genesis to Malachi by heart. Like all the prophets and kings, most of Jesus's ancestors, and the history of Israel and stuff... I recited it for a ATI talent show and I got a huge applause! lol it was fun.

    I love hearing about all the books you guys have read and all the things you have memorized. It must make Jesus heart so happy:)

  17. Mrs. Marlow,
    Are you going to put the trailer on the blog?
    Just wondering!
    I use the KJV. I like scripture songs because they help you memorize the verses easily.
    God bless!
    John 3:16

  18. I use a KJV Bible. I have read all of the New Testament and Genesis and Proverbs. And a bunch of chapters and verses scattered through out the Old Testament. I am working my way through Exodus now.
    I have memorized many verses and I have memorized all of I John, II John, III John, James, Philippians, and this year I am doing I Peter.


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