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A Crazy Circle C Thanksgiving Part 1 . . . by Jesseca and Rishona

Tag Team fan writers. Here is a short, lighthearted Thanksgiving story with a touch of danger by a couple of fans--Jesseca and Rishona, the creators of the Dunking video. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (Note, after Thanksgiving I will still post an occasional Fan Story, but I want Andi's blog to be more than going the "easy" route--for me. So they will be farther apart. This way the fan stories will be something special to look forward to and not something expected every day.)

Part 1

Cook-a-doodle-do! 15 year-old Andi sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. Just then, she heard Chad yell.
“Andi! We don't have all day to laze around in bed! Get down here and do your chores.”
"I'm coming." Andi yelled back. Grumbling. She pulled on her overalls and stumbled down the stairs.
Chad met her at the bottom with twinkling eyes.
"What are you so happy about after yelling at me like that?" Andi asked still cross.
"It's the day before Thanksgiving, Andi. Do you know what that means?"
Suddenly Andi's frown was replaced with a grin. "No school. And we get to decorate the house! Which means we go to town and pick out the decorations and invite guests! Who will be our guests this year?"
Chad laughed. "I figured that would get you perked up. Come, let's finish the chores then you can ask mother all that at breakfast."
At breakfast Andi pestered Mother with question after question. Mother said that they would make a family trip to town to pick out all the decorations!
“Yippee,” squealed Andi.
After breakfast Mother made all of them go dress up nice. That is the only bad part when we go to town, thought Andi as she was putting on a light pink dress.
They got all loaded up in the buggy and went off to town. In town they stopped at the Mercantile. They went to the back of the store where the decorations were.
  “Oh, Mother, look at these cute leaves,” said Andi.
Chad went over to look at the pumpkins. “I think we should get three pumpkins. One to bake and two for decorations.“
Mitch followed and said, “Let’s see who can find the biggest pumpkin. Ready. Set….”
“Just a minute.” said Mother. “You two are not going to run to the front of the store like wild animals!”
Mitch and Chad grinned. "Of course not, Mother. Andi, do you want to come with us and take a look at the pumpkins? Or would you rather stay with Mother and Melinda?'
"I'll come in a minute. I just want to finish helping pick out the leaves and the gourds for the centerpiece."
"Well, hurry up or we'll have already found the biggest pumpkin by the time you get there!"
"We need to hurry here because we still have to invite the guests."
"Who will be our guests this year, Mother?" Melinda asked.
"I was thinking about Mr. Foster and his family and Cory's family."
Andi groaned. "Cory and Virginia together? They’re as opposite as night and day!"
Mother replied, “I’m sure your all have a fun time together. Just don’t let Virginia ride the horses!”
“She’s actually getting a lot better, Mother, since I started giving her lessons."
“Well then perhaps you three should go riding.”
Andi sighed. “Uh, we’ll see Mother.”


After the talk with Mother, Andi ran to the front of the Mercantile. Chad was proudly holding up one of the largest pumpkins Andi had ever seen. Andi grinned, ran to the back of the store and minutes later she emerged lugging an even bigger pumpkin. Chad’s mouth opened in surprise. “Where in the world did you find that one, Andi?”
Andi smiled a teasing smile. “It was still in the storeroom. I saw it after you ran out here.” Chad and Mitch looked at each other in surprise.
Mitch spoke. “Wow, Andi, no wonder you took so long to come out you weren’t worried about us finding a bigger one than you.”
Just then Mother walked out of the store. “Have you picked out three pumpkins yet?”
They all held up a pumpkin. “We sure have, Mother.” exclaimed Chad.
Soon they were finished, the decorations loaded in the wagon, and they set off to Mr. Foster’s house. After inviting the Fosters and receiving a ‘yes’, They began to drive to the Blakes’ house.
Suddenly, Virginia ran out of the house. “Andi, Andi, can we ride when we come to your house tomorrow?”
Andi smiled. “Sure, Virginia. I’ll be sure to get you a gentle horse.”
“Who else will be coming?” Virginia asked.
AndI sighed. It was no secret that Virginia liked Cory, like really liked him. “We’re planning on inviting Cory and his family.”
Virginia giggled and fluttered her eyelashes. “I can’t wait!”
Andi groaned and rolled her eyes. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Virginia.”
Chad clucked to the horses and they pulled out of the Fosters’ lane.
When they reached the livery, Cory ran out to greet Andi. “Howdy! What are y’all doing in town today?”
Melinda smiled. “We came to invite your family to have Thanksgiving with us tomorrow. That is, if you don’t have any plans.”
Cory grinned. “We don’t have any plans that know of, but perhaps you should go ask my mother just to make sure.” Then he turned to Andi. “So, who else is coming to your house?”
“The Wilsons?”
“I’d sure hope not!”
“Then who?”
“The Fosters.”
Cory groaned. “Virginia too?”
“Of course! She’s part of the Fosters, isn’t she?
“Sure, but she’s such a pain in the neck! And she’s such a goody-goody.”
Andi shushed him. “You’d better be happy my mother wasn’t out here to hear you. Besides, Virginia likes to be around you. And it’s not really a secret to anyone that she has a crush on you.” Andi fluttered her lashes at Cory, making him groan. Soon Andi’s family walked out of the house.
“Come on Andi, we’d better be going. You can see Cory tomorrow since they agreed to come.”
AndI grinned at Cory ”I can’t wait to see you and Virginia tomorrow!”
Cory winked at her.
“If you try anything foolish, I’ll get you back for it!” Andi just smiled.



  1. Good job on your story:) can't wait for the next part;)

  2. Hmmm, Virginia has a crush on Cory! That is very interesting!

  3. so you didn't post the Bad Day story yet then!?!
    I wonder what happens!!!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to the next installment! I live in South Africa, so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I've always loved seeing it in the States; the time of year, the decorations, the food, the lovely aromas of autumn, and, well, giving thanks!

    1. I love Thanksgiving! What type of holidays do you have in Africa, Michaela?
      I live in the USA.
      Can't wait for the next part!
      ~ JT

    2. I'm interested too, Michaela. Do you guys have other holidays? I live in the U.S also...

    3. Hey, Faith and JT :) We have most of the same main holidays you guys in the U.S have. It's just that, if I'm correct, Thanksgiving originated from the Pilgrams giving thanks, which is why America celebrates it? However, some public holidays aren't such a big deal here as in the States. For example, people take note of our independence day, but there aren't massive celebrations. I would say the most major one here is, like anywhere, Christmas. And there are some fun ones, like Abour Day, when everyone is encouraged to plant a tree, or Mandela's birthday, when it's tradition to spend at least an hour doing a good deed. And of course all the usual ones like Mother's Day etc. Another interesting fact is that people sometimes tend to generalize Africa, but it's split into many countries, so South Africa is a country, not just the southern part of Africa. I hope that answered your question, let me know if there's anything else you're curious about :)

    4. Thanks for the info! Yes, that is the right reason we celebrate Thanksgiving!
      ~ JT

  5. i like it good start!

  6. Ooo... this is going to be a good one! Virginia is quick to change her mind. First she likes Mitch, then she likes Cory. Next it will be Chad. LOL :D Good job girls:)

    1. I'm not sure Chad would put up with that!! LOL!!
      Thank's everyone! :)

  7. Oh good it worked! My computer wasn't letting me post again... Strange.

  8. I can't what tell sat my family is going to a thanksgiving dinner and its going to be so fun:-)

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  10. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mrs. Marlow, did you get pat's 1-5 of a fan story I sent in?


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